How to remove paint from leather: 7 Effective Ways

Anyleather item at your house can give an elegant look and vibe. However, a slight stain on it can make it look untidy and with time the stain can also dull the quality of leather. One of the major things that leaves a stain on leather is paint. So, if you or your kids have spilled paint on any leather item by mistake, it cannot be removed easily. As a result, there are ways that you can use to try removing the paint from leather and these effective ways can be done at home. So, if you want to know how to remove paint from leather and that too some authentic effective ways, then follow along to know more.

7 effective ways of how to remove paint from leather

The following ways are quite simple and home-based as well, but at the same time, they are all effective. So, let’s take a look at them one by one.

Cooking Oil

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If you have a stain on your leather item then you can use cooking oil such as olive oil to remove some paint stains. To do this, take some oil in a cotton swab and wipe it on the paint stain lightly. Also, let the oil get adsorbed for a few minutes. Later on, remove the oil and see if the process needs to be repeated or not. In the process, you can also use a knife to scrape off the oil and paint with it. However, if you used excess oil, then to remove that you can make a solution of baking powder and vinegar. 

 Soap and water solution

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The next way you can take off the paint effectively is by using soapy water. For this, you need soap powder, water, and also Hydrogen peroxide. You can create a mixture of these and use a clean soft cloth to rub the solution on the paint. You can make this solution in a bucket, as this needs to be diluted and not concentrated. So, that’s another way to remove paint from leather. 

Warm Water

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Another technique that you can try is warm water. It is possible in a few instances that when you take a warm water-damped cloth and try to rub off the paint from the leather, it can be removed. However, you can try this only if the paint is water-based, as in case of oil-based paints this will not work.

Rubbing alcohol 

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If you have rubbing alcohol at your home, you can certainly use it to remove paint stains. But, it does contain chemicals that can harm the leather, so you have to be cautious while using it for removing paint. To do this, you can damp the cloth from rubbing alcohol drops and rub it on the paint gently. You need to be careful while doing it as sometimes it can lead to discoloration of leather. Once the stain is removed, you can put some leather conditioner on the area. 

Fingernail Polish

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It may sound very weird, but it’s true that paint stains can be removed using fingernail polish and remover as well. To do this, firstly put some nail polish on the stain and with the help of a cloth or cotton try to rub off the paint. You can wipe the area with a paper towel gently and use nail polish remover on the areas where the nail polish remains. 

Blunt Knife

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If you have a recent paint stain on the leather, you can definitely use a blunt knife to peel it off the leather. This usually acts better in the case of acrylic paints, as they can be peeled off easily. To do this you need a blunt knife and never use a sharp knife or scraper, as it will damage the leather. With the help of a blunt knife scrape the paint too gently so that the leather is not scrapped with it. You can use water as well in between if needed to remove the paint completely. 

Petroleum Jelly

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The last but not the least way of removing paint from leather is by using petroleum jelly. These jellies are usually found at your home and that too of a common brand named Vaseline. This petroleum jelly moistens the area and can lose the paint stain from leather. Moreover, this method does not require a leather conditioner after removing the stains. To do this, you can put some on the stain and wait for a few minutes. After that try to peel off the paint with your nail or blunt knife to see if the paint is ready to come off. If it is then you can peel the paint and use a wipe to remove the excess jelly or paint with the help of a soapy cloth. 

Final Words

Even though it can be tedious to maintain a pure leather item at home, in reality, it does give a different ambiance to the house. So if your leather item was stained due to paint, you can use any of the discussed methods at home to take it off. If this does not work out at home, you can certainly get help from professionals out there. At last, we hope that now you know how to remove paint from leather at home.

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