Why is it crucial to use Facebook templates for your page promotion


Have you just started your blog? Maybe you are trying to sell some products? No matter how good your project is, the first visual impression is pretty important. A Facebook template is a high definition picture which represents your brend or has a purpose behind your blog. With this tool people will immediately understand what your page is all about. You can either make it by yourself and spend many hours on making something of good quality. Or, as many entrepreneurs do, use blank Facebook post templates to make your profile more noticeable. We will talk more about the advantages of using templates, how to choose the right one and where to find them.

What are the benefits of using Facebook templates

We already mentioned that making something by yourself is not necessarily a good idea. Especially if you have never done it before. Here is where the templates come in handy. But there are much more pros of using Facebook templates:

  • high-quality images make your page look more professional;
  • templates allow you to create one style for your account and the unified design also increases your visibility, making you more noticeable.

You can make adjustments changing the style of your profile by slightly changing templates.

What is the right template and how to choose it

For beginners: if you still don’t know what style you should go for, choose whathever you like. Or, think about your target audience and search for something similar to your idea on Facebook. Try to guess what will bring attention to your project. Here are also some tips to remember:

  • It should be a high-quality image.
  • For better quality you will need to save templates in PNG and SVG formats.
  • Do not use small letters or put way too much information on your post template. Not many people will spend their time reading an article on the picture. An image just should visually represent the message of the post.
  • Create an image that fit Facebooks’ recommended dimensions. Either way, the platform can crop or pixelate the picture. According to Facebook it is recommended to use a picture of 1200 on 630 px. 

It depends on the type of business what exactly your post images should be about. Our advice is to try to make them as unique as possible to stand out amongst others. 

Where to find templates

For instance, let’s take a look at VistaCreate. There are plenty of free templates created by experienced designers, who know the latest trends and understand Facebook mechanics. They know what is best for your account promotion. All you have to do is choose the theme you are going for and make some adjustments. If you will not find what you’re looking for, you can turn on the premium account and have access to rare templates. 

  • First, you will have to register. Type your email and password or link your profile to Google, Facebook, Apple for a quick registration. 
  • Click on the upper panel the button “Templates”, and choose on the left side of the screen the needed category. 
  • Click on the template that you like, automatically opening the editor. Here the system will offer you to look at the guide on how to use the editor. 
  • After getting acquainted with the tools, you can start editing your picture. 
  • All the elements on the image are movable. You can rearrange, change the color or delete them as you wish. 
  • On the left side you will see additional recommendations. These are templates of the similar style. You can pick the background or some elements from the recommended pictures as well. 
  • Download your image when you’re finished. 

That’s it. We wish you success with your account promotion and hope that this information was useful to you. Good luck!

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