8 Ideas To Make Your Wall Hangings Come to Life

Wall Hangings

Were you looking for some new and exciting ideas to decorate your walls? There is something to be said about the aesthetic harmony that a few bare walls can provide to a space, but more often than not, they have squandered chances for creative wall decoration. Your walls are blank canvases waiting to be filled with the tales of your life and the personalities you wish to share with your guests. The greatest neutral or white paint colors on a wall might still be scary. If you have been putting off decorating your empty walls because you can’t decide what to put there, now is your opportunity to get some ideas.

While it’s true that many people believe their wall decoration options are limited to framed posters, photos, and artwork, the reality is that there are countless creative ways to decorate your walls that don’t need purchasing anything from a store. If you use textured fabric wall hangings or create your accent wall mural with paint, you don’t have to hang anything.

Decide on Minimalist Pieces of Art

There are moments when less is more. That’s why we adore this Texas home’s living room, which takes its design cues from Scandi and contains a massive piece of art that stands out against the dark walls.

Artwork hung above the mantel in the living room. Choose a dramatic sculpture to hang above the mantel in place of a painting or poster. Even though it is in a prime location in the living room, the area above the mantel is rarely used. Put that TV above the mantle on hold while you think of something more creative to do with the empty area.

Put up a Cork Board Wall

In addition to its near-perfect material profile, cork is notable for its natural aesthetic. Each tile or panel has a unique design combined with natural wood tones, making an impressive and soothing wall covering. You can do the same thing in your own house, adorning it with whatever brings you joy. 

Make a Photo Collage

One wall in the living area is completely decked up with these one-of-a-kind picture frames and decorative accessories. Pictures and paintings are often the first items guests see when they enter a home. The majority of people’s portraits on the wall are loved ones. Most of you can probably name a few of them. Family members gathered on a blanket or piled on top of one another in a studio. Family portrait painting is the best choice. It tells a story that centers on a group of people, their relationships, and a shared experience. 

Affix Mirror

A mirror on an empty wall may make a little bathroom or bedroom appear much larger. Mirrors are a great technique to make a small corridor seem larger. Put a row of mirrors that are all the same size and shape along the corridor wall to make it seem wider. You can use natural light by hanging a mirror on the wall opposite a window, but if you don’t have any windows, you may get the same effect by placing a mirror next to an artificial light source.

Place Bookshelves 

One creative approach to decorating the walls of a living room is to use a bookcase as a decorative piece. Having a place to store books has several benefits. Bookshelves not only help you keep your collection of various books in order, but they can also be used to display other stuff like photos, souvenirs, and decorative items. They’re available in a wide variety of forms. A wall-to-wall bookcase is a great way to create a statement and showcase your treasured possessions, whether they are books, items, vintage glassware, or vases.

Add a Feature Wall

Consider adorning the walls themselves as a form of decoration in addition to hanging things on them as displays. You may create an accent wall by painting it with a vivid and striking hue or add a pattern to the wall using wallpaper, stenciling, or one of the other creative painting techniques. While you’re at it, consider modifying your ceiling! In a constrained area, the effect of these aesthetic touches can be magnified even further.

Set Up Shelves

The open shelves provide space for extra ornamentation, and the hexagonal shaves lend a unique aesthetic touch. All-mounted shelving is more aesthetically pleasing, practical, and versatile than freestanding options since it can be installed over existing furniture and in awkward spaces.

Shelving gives the adequate capacity to store books and other heavy industrial items in their proper position and helps you organize your space precisely. Shelving may be found in various materials, from wood to plastic to metal.

Feature a Fabric

If you want to add some color and pattern to a plain room while also giving it a softer feel, consider hanging a fabric or hanging it on the wall. Scarves from your grandmother or other lovely fabrics may look great framed. A bonus is that they are far less of a hassle to transport than framed artwork when it comes time to relocate. Unlike wallpaper, the fabric can be touched and felt. It floats on a perfect plane, so you get a sense of depth and smoothness even without touching it.


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