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Top 10 career in Pakistan

Top 10 careers and professions in Pakistan

Doctor (MBBS & BDS):

On the highest of the list of Top 10 career in Pakistan. i will be able to put the doctors and therefore the profession of medical, this is often because it’s one among the foremost respectable and honored career and at an equivalent time it one among the very best paid career in Pakistan. The doctors can easily earn quite 300 thousand a month which may be a huge amount of cash . Students who have done their education from universities like King Edward, Agha Khan and Fatima Jinnah medical college are being hand handy .

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the career of sportsman is very best as If you’re an honest sportsman than within the country like Pakistan you’ll make it together of the foremost successful and highest earning profession. Sports which include Cricket, Hockey, Football and even Snooker can earn you excellent respect, fame and money.

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Audit and Accounts:

Accountants and therefore the auditors also are being considered to be a really stable and appreciating profession in Pakistan. The Auditors which have complete their accountant CA degree from any renowned institution which incorporates PAC and SKANS can easily earn about 2 hundred and Fifty thousand a month.

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Civil Superior Service (CSS):

Being a neighborhood of civil services on provincial and federal level is one among the foremost desirable profession for the bulk of the people in Pakistan which is one reason that nearly 30,000 people appear within the CSS exams every session to urge enrolled in thereto but only 3000 approximately are being selected but the one which are selected enjoys high salaries and authority.

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Marketing and Brand Management:

People who are being employed within the respective fields of selling and brand management are being also awarded with immense financial and non-financial benefits. Although the work is extremely much tiring but if you’ve got good educational backgrounds which could include your bachelors or master from LUMS, LSE or IBA than it’d benefit you and you would possibly be ready to earn around 100 thousand a month. In Pakistan, people do BBA and MBA to take up these careers.

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Software Engineering:

As it is that the tenure of data and Technology than being a programmer is one among the simplest profession and occupation in Pakistan. If the graduates are from the institutions like FAST and NUST than high salaries with huge incentives could be the monthly package of the worker .

Human Resource Management (HRM):

Being a Human Resource Professional is additionally a really charming Top 10 career in Pakistan. Institutes considered in this regard include PIQC, LUMS, LSE, IBA, and the University of Punjab. The graduates are being appointed either within the organization itself or at an equivalent time they’re being hired by any external recruiting firm in Pakistan.

Mechanical Engineering:

Engineering is not any doubt a really bright profession in Pakistan and Engineers from UET and Punjab University could be hired immediately as they complete their education but this job doesn’t immediately pay you because it will grind you and can polish you and after several years of tireless effort it’ll cause you to the gem then people will run after You get you on big packs in their organisations. Students also are doing the DAE diplomas during this field which is additionally a far better choice.

Web Designing:

Internet and its usage are increasing in Pakistan therefore the need of getting your business online has also increase. So during this regard the necessity for the online designers and controllers is mounting and such individuals are being hired on handsome salaries and incentives.

National Forces:

Being a neighborhood of the National army, air force or maybe navy is itself an honor and respect for the worker . therefore the profession of being in natioanl forces is additionally one huge and stable occupation which is being paid also as largely respectable everywhere the country.

These are all list of Top 10 career in Pakistan. As you’ve got seen that there are many fields in Pakistan, but the above wrote are the highest and therefore the most scope full fields. you’ll not only obtain an honest rank but you’ll also get a simple job for a handsome salary package. you’ll also suggest others close to choose a best professional field in Pakistan after matric, inter, graduation and masters.

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