Where to watch Blue Lock: The answer you’re looking for!

where to watch blue lock

With time, Japanese anime series have taken over the hearts of millions of people around the world. One of the loved series is Blue Lock that got started in October 2022 and its first season completed in March 2023. This anime has taken a huge popularity among the best series worldwide. Well, if you are a fan of this series, and want to know where to watch blue lock, then in this article we’ll be discussing the different answers to the ways you can watch it.

About Blue Lock: Things to know about the series

Blue Lock is a Japanese anime series that is also known as Japanese Manga Series. The series is written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro. Also, the series is illustrated by Yusuke Monura. This anime series was launched in October 2022 and it continued to provide its episodes online till March 2023. This is also among the best anime series that has been developed so far, as it received a great amount of hype and recognition that it deserved.

Blue Lock is not just another anime but it is a soccer anime that has a number of emotions in it. This has bought into the excitement of sports, betrayals, twists, mysteries, and even sports that sometimes get sick as well. This is about making the dreams of a person true in the anime series world, as there is nothing that can stop him from achieving his dreams and goals. In recent years, this anime series is also considered as one of the most thrilling anime that has been released in some years. 

Where to watch Blue Lock: The Paid one?

When Blue Lock launched, it was first available on Japanese channels to watch anime, which are not available globally. However, currently, you can easily watch Blue Lock online, however it is available only on Netflix as of now. But, this is currently out only in the Singapore Library. So, if you don’t have an account on Netflix, then create one and choose any VPN server and connect to it. 

Where to watch Blue Lock: the different VPNs to use

As we mentioned before, Blue Lock is currently on Netflix Singapore, so even if you have a Netflix account, but not living in Singapore, then sadly you will not be able to watch Blue Lock. For such cases, you can use other streaming services and different broadcasters that might stream Blue Lock. These streaming services include the use of VPNs.

Firstly, you need a VPN to do so and you will be requiring the IP address of Singapore, as you need to bounce your location of IP address to that of Singapore. Once you get a VPN, select the IP address of Singapore. When this is done, open your Netflix on PC, laptop, or any other device. Now you will be able to get access to the Singapore library on Netflix, as you have changed your IP address from your location to that of SIngapore. 

A glimpse at the plot

Well, this was about where to watch blue lock, but let’s take a glimpse at the plot of Blue Lock. The series plot revolves around the FIFA world cup, when in 2018, the Japanese national team completed the 16th cup. During this time, the football association of Japan hires Ego Jinpachi, who is also a football engine. In the series, Blue Lock is a training regiment that is designed for the football players to make them the best egotist striker of the world. The plan of Ego is to become a part of Blue Lock and rule it by becoming the stardom, as those players who fail in the regimen are never seen in the Japanese team. The overall series has a great plot, as you will get to see drama and twists in the series that you may not have expected.

Final words

Watching Blue Lock is a dream of many people around the world, as it is currently launched on Netflix Singapore. However, if you are not in Singapore, then we have already got you covered with the solution to watch it online. If we speak about the overall plot and review of Blue Lock, then so far it is being loved by many people globally, as it include certain twists and characters that are outshining the anime lovers. So, if you were wondering where to watch Blue Lock, then we hope that we have provided you with the answers that you needed.

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