How to Make Brick in Minecraft: The Steps to Know

how to make brick in minecraft

It’s true that nowadays people love to play online video games and take advantage of all the features they have to offer. One of the best games that people prefer to play is Minecraft. Not only does the game have some amazing audio and visual features, but it also provides different options for playing. In the game, you are allowed to make your own bricks with the help of different steps that you need to follow, and these bricks allow you to improve your overall experience. However, it is quite common that many of you may not know how to make brick in Minecraft. So, we are here to help you out with the same and provide you with a step-by-step analysis. 

How to make brick in Minecraft: Step-by-step Analysis 

 In the Minecraft game, bricks are basically the building blocks that make your experience more functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can even build certain fireplaces and different beautiful appearances in the game as well. When you are making bricks in Minecraft, there are basically three materials required, which include labels, fuel, and a furnace. Since you will be able to make a brick with the help of the smelting process, these materials are something that will help you out. If you want to know how to make brick in Minecraft, follow the given very easy steps.

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1. First, you need to get a clay block which you can easily find near lakes or maybe rivers in the game.

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2. Now break the clay blocks with the help of any solid or you can use your hands to do that. During the game, it is stated that you can easily create four clay balls with the help of one clay block after you are done breaking it.

3. The next step is to get access to the menu of the furnace. In the great of the furnace, you can insert the clay balls, but you need to make sure that the top slot is filled with the balls while the bottom slot is filled with a certain fuel source such as charcoal.

4. Once this particular setup is done, you will be able to see the smelting of clay balls into bricks while getting heated in the furnace.

5. Once the entire procedure is done, you will be able to access red bricks. 

However, in the Minecraft game, you can even create different kinds of bricks with the help of different resources that are present in the game and use suitable techniques to convert those materials into a stone brick or another brick. 

How to make brick in Minecraft: A stone brick

If you are wondering how to make bricks in Minecraft, which are stone bricks, you can follow the given things. 

In the game, you can create different types of stone bricks, such as basic stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, chiseled stone bricks, and cracked stone bricks. 

how to make brick in minecraft
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1. The first step in creating a stone brick is to melt the cobblestone in your furnace. This will be able to create different stones.

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2. The second step is to arrange four squares of the stone blocks on the surface.

Now for creating different types of stone bricks. You need certain different instructions for doing the same. 

  • To create a basic stone brick, you must place four stone blocks into a square.
  • You can combine vines with your stone bricks to create a mossy stone brick.
  • To create chiseled stone brick, you need to arrange two slabs of stone brick vertically.
  • To create a grab the stone brick, you need to insert the stone brick into the furnace.

Wrap Up!

To wrap up this blog, we hope you have gotten an idea of how to make brick in Minecraft, whether it a normal red brick or a stone brick. The steps mentioned in the blog are quite easy to implement as well since they are simple, and the process of making bricks is not difficult or time-consuming in Minecraft. So go and enhance your experience of playing Minecraft in the best possible way by enhancing the visuals. 

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