Leftover Sweet Potato Recipes: 10 best ways to eat them

leftover sweet potato recipes

It’s quite evident to look for some recipes to cook from leftover food because who really wants to throw them? If you love to have sweet potatoes, but somehow have some leftovers, then here we’ll give you some best recipes to follow. All these mouthwatering leftover sweet potato recipes will give you the best of your time. Moreover, these recipes are quite easy to make and you can cook quickly and hassle-free. So, let’s not waste any time and have a look at some of the best recipes.

#1. Sweet Potatoes with Onions and Corn

leftover sweet potato recipes
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If you have sweet potatoes left over, then one of the best ways to eat them is to make a salad. This dish is super-easy and quick to make. For this you need to slice and stir-fry onion. Mix it with drained whole-kernel corn. Stir this mixture in leftover sweet potato pieces and sprinkle some salt and pepper. If needed you can heat it as well. 

#2. Sweet Potato Muffins

leftover sweet potato recipes

Another thing that you can prepare by using leftover sweet potatoes is a muffin. If you love baking and love to eat something sweet, then this can be the best option for you to utilize the leftover sweet potato recipes. To make this, you can follow a commendation recipe and use master sweet potato instead of your egg in the recipe. This can be the best way to eat a snack and have a quick breakfast as well.

#3. Sweet Potato Hummus

leftover sweet potato recipes
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It’s true that you can even create hummus using a sweet potato. For this, you can use the leftover mashed potatoes in place of chickpeas for creating the base of your hummus. You can follow any hummus recipe to create sweet potato hummus from your leftovers. 

#4. Roasted Root Vegetables

leftover sweet potato recipes

One of the healthiest leftover sweet potato recipes is to roast them with different root vegetables that are available in your kitchen. For this, you just need to cut vegetables into chunks and toss them with olive oil. You can use beetroot, carrots, or turnip root for this recipe. While tossing these vegetables with olive oil, you can add seasonings of your choice and roast them in an oven for a while. Once all the vegetables are cooked, you can add the leftover sweet potato chunks into it and stir. You can even cook it for a few more minutes to make sure that everything is perfectly cooked and mixed.

#5. Savory Mashed Sweet Potatoes

leftover sweet potato recipes
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If you want to create a savory dish using sweet potatoes, then one of the best ways is to convert your leftover boiled sweet potatoes, or even if they are baked into a savory mashed potatoes recipe. This is very simple to cook as you just have to heat the leftovers and add water or milk depending on how you like to eat your mashed potatoes. In this, you can also add some salt, paper, and butter as much as it is required. With the help of a potato masher or any other suitable equipment, you can blend the mixture until it becomes fluffy and good to eat.

#6. Sweet Potato Croquettes

leftover sweet potato recipes

If you have some mashed sweet potatoes left over, then these are the best leftover sweet potato recipes that you can follow. To make croquettes using sweet potatoes, you just need to follow a basic recipe for creating potato croquettes and substitute potatoes with your mashed sweet potatoes. For this, you will be requiring egg, milk/cream, patties, egg wash, and bread crumbs. 

#7. Kale and Sweet Potatoes

leftover sweet potato recipes
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Another healthy way of eating your leftover sweet potatoes is to have it with kale. For this, you can stir fry kales in a pan and add garlic to it. Once it is stir-fried, you can add chunks of the leftover sweet potatoes and make it for a while, to make them taste better.

#8. Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes

Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes

If you love to have broccoli in your breakfast or at any other time of your meal, then you can definitely use it along with your leftover sweet potatoes. It’s true that if broccoli is roasted and paired with sweet potatoes, then the flavor is extraordinary. To create this recipe, you just have to roast the broccoli in your oven along with some oil for a while. Once the broccoli is perfectly roasted, you can add chunks of the sweet potato that you have cooked earlier and cook them together for just five more minutes. Make sure that you stir both of them quite finely. Moreover, in this recipe, you can make it more healthy by adding some other vegetables as well and roasting them in the same manner.

#9. Sweet Potato Soup

leftover sweet potato recipes

One more commonly used leftover sweet potato recipes is to create its soup. This is one of the most simple recipes that anyone can cook at any time. To state a fact, leftover sweet potato soup is much better as compared to fresh sweet potato soup. to make the super sweet potato, you can follow any simple recipe for creating a soup and add the seasonings of your choice to make it better. 

#10. Sweet Potato Cake

leftover sweet potato recipes

Yes, it’s true that you can even create a cake using leftovers of sweet potatoes. For this, you can simply follow any basic cake recipe and use sweet potato as one of your ingredients in it. However, this cake is better if you have plain roasted or boiled sweet potato leftovers. As this will make sure that your cake gets the purity stuff, sweet potatoes, and nothing else.

Wrap Up! 

Well, these were the top 10 leftover sweet potato recipes that you can cook at any time of the day. All these recipes are quite easy to make and quick as well. So, don’t let your leftover sweet potatoes wait anymore, choose the one that gives you immense pleasure in taste and cook it.

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