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Games like The Forest: The Top Options to Choose

games like the forest

For those gamers who love to play and test their survival instincts, then the perfect game for them is The Forest. And if you are looking for games like The Forest, then it’s for sure that you are interested in this genre of games and love to get a mix of crafting, combat, and horror to test your instincts for survival. The original The Forest game was launched in 2018 and its sequel named The Sons of the Forest came out in 2023. However, if you are looking for similar games, we really hope that you have played both the parts and are now looking for some other adventure of playing such amazing games. Since The Forest game is quite amazing, finding such as game to provide you with a similar experience can be a bit challenging. Well, that’s the reason we are here for you to help you with the top options to choose similar games like The Forest.  

Games Like The Forest: Check the Best Options

1. The Long Dark

The first on the list of games like The Forest is The Long Dark. This game series is developed by Hinterland Studio and is available on different platforms including Xbox, Nintendo, PS, and PC. In the game, your character is on a plane that crashes on an inhospitable land. When you wake up, you are alone and you see fire around you, which is something similar that you would have found in The Forest. In the place, you are supposed to survive through whatever comes in your path including different deadly animals, fires, and a lot of adventure as well. During the game, you need to survive including your food as well as maintain energy so that you can explore the place and not die from hunger. This is an overall adventurous game to test your survival instincts just like The Forest.

The Long Dark
Image Credit: Beanstalk

2. ARK: Survival Evolved

The next on the list is ARK: Survival Evolved which is developed by Studio Wildcard and you can play it on specific series of PS, Xbox, and Nintendo, along with Mac and PC. The game can make some of you realize that it’s a bit grindy, however, it is worth playing because you have already loved The Forest. In the game, you will wake on different beaches located on a far island and your only goal for the game is survival. You need to set your character with a place to stay, eat on the lonely island, and survive through rough days as well. Moreover, you will also have to encounter different species of animals as well while entering the lonely beach. However, just like The Forest, you do have the option to play alone in the game or add on your friends as well to survive together and achieve your survival in the game.

games like the forest
Image Credit: PlayStation

3. Rust

Another famous game that maximum of the players of The Forest love is Rust. The game is developed by Facepunch Studios, and you can play it on certain series of Xbox and PS4 along with PC and Mac. This game is all about those gamers who love to play with AI-generated enemies that are smart, cruel, and much more strategic than normal ones. During the game, you are supposed to bash trees and rocks, build stuff, hunt different resources, and survive in the place by giving your best. 

Image Credit: Beanstalk

4. Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The next top game like The Forest is Dying Light 2 Stay Human, developed by Techland. The game is available on different platforms like PC, PS, Xbox, and Nintendo. This is one of the recent games launched that’s like The Forest. This game is another survival horror game that takes place in an open-world. The players in the game are supposed to scavenge different resources to build new things for their survival and they are also supposed to fight with zombies that have now populated the world. The sequel of the game is much more advanced as compared to the original version of Dying Light. 

games like the forest
Image Credit: WhatIfGaming

5. Valheim

One more famous survival game is Valheim which is developed by Iron Gate Studio and you can play it on platforms like Windows, PS 4, Xbox, and Linux. The world in the game is the place of vikings who are supposed to prove their strength and go into the paradise of Vikings known as Valhalla. The gameplay is quite simple but still has a number of things. Once you begin it, you will have nothing in the world when you enter. This makes it more interesting as then you have to survive yourself in the game from scratch. In the game there are different bosses present with a variety of strengths, so you better collect all your resources and build different weapons and gear to make the fight interesting. 

Image Credit: The Click

6. Conan Exiles

One of the harshest games in the survival genre is Conan Exiles developed by Funcom. This game is available on PS and Xbox along with PC. In the game you will not face vicious wolves or bosses, you will even have to face other players as well on the higher level. So, this survival game is the best one if you really want to play a harsh survival game. During the game if you survive, it’s quite sure that you will either break your leg, bruise your body, or bleed out from some parts of your body.

games like the forest
Image Credit: Desktop Gamer

As stated that this is one of the harshest and cruelest survival games, some games may find it unsuitable for them due to the visuals and what they have to face. 

7. Subnautica

The last one on the list of games like The Forest is Subanutica. The game is developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and is available on PS 4, Nintendo, Xbox One, and PC. In the game your ship will crash on a different planet that is mainly of aliens. On the planet you are supposed to survive and search for food and other resources to stay alive on the planet and figure out a way to go back to your land. Since this is an alien planet, the visuals of the entire planet are quite impressive and breathtaking. Also as you land on a water planet, the entire game is supposed to be a survival game underwater. 

Image Credit: Beanstalk

Wrap Up!

Well, these were some of the best games like The Forest that you can easily find and play. All the games have one agenda which is to survive at your best and face whatever comes in your way. Now without wasting your time, you can choose the one that you haven’t played yet or suits you the best and play it now! 

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