Get The Best Cryptocurrency That Works Best For Your Needs – Tips From KuCoin


Digital forms of money run on a disseminated public record basically called blockchain, a record of all the specific exchanges refreshed and held by cash holders. Mining is the process by which coins are produced. Since Bitcoin’s inception, thousands of other digital currencies like ethw usdt or algo usdt have entered the market, and each year, more and more are added. This process uses computer power to solve difficult mathematical problems. Inquisitive cryptocurrency investors may need help to make important decisions like where to invest their digital assets, how to transact in cryptocurrencies, and whether it is worthwhile to stake tokens in light of this extensive selection. KuCoin is a notable name in the crypto business as it figured out how to lay down a good foundation for itself as a noticeable all-in-one resource for a wide range of crypto tasks. Up to 90% of trading fees go to the KuCoin community through its KuCoin Shares (KCS) tokens.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Choosing a cryptocurrency platform, which is a place where crypto enthusiasts can buy, sell, or trade their cryptocurrencies, is the first thing you indeed will need to do if you want to start investing or trading. There are a variety of platforms on the market with distinctive advantages and features; however, be careful because not all of these platforms are created with the best intentions.

Sending Fiat Money to Any Country

Signing up for an account is the next thing you need to do after selecting an exchange. Before proceeding, read the full trading terms. The steps you need to take depend on your chosen platform; some require you to verify your identity to avoid fraud. Remember that you will be able to make transactions once you finish the verification process; this includes providing proof in the form of a selfie and either your license or passport.

How to buy crypto?

To purchase cryptocurrency, you must lastly deposit into your created account. You can easily pay with a credit or debit card, link your bank account, or send money via wire transfer to your account. Depending on the platform you choose, you might have to wait a few days before using the money in your account.

Four things to keep in mind when selecting cryptocurrencies

With thousands of options, it’s natural to be unsure which one to buy. You should follow a few pointers, but it all depends on how you plan to trade. By and large, the following are four things you should note while picking digital currencies.

1.      Think about the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization

One of the best ways to choose an investment cryptocurrency is to look at its market capitalization. Regarding this aspect, Bitcoin holds the lead in market cap with 43 percent, followed by Ethereum with 19.6%, for 64 percent of the market. Based on this data, these two are the backbones of the cryptocurrency industry; consequently, you should put some of your money into these two.

2.      Total coins available

It is also essential to keep track of the total coins available on the market to determine whether this particular cryptocurrency will have a limited supply and how many coins are currently in use. For example, the general stock of Bitcoin is restricted to mining 21 million coins. Yet, in 2021, the number of coins accessible is 18.7 million, passing on just 2.3 million coins to be mined.

3.      White paper

Each cryptocurrency has a white paper that explains everything about it, including its goal, the problems it will address, and the technology it employs. The concept behind the coin’s creation is also discussed in the white paper; If you think the white paper is true, you might think about investing a small amount in that coin. Over the years, the white paper has been slowly implemented in the real world.

4.      The use cases of a specific coin

The use of a specific coin is the primary factor that drives acceptance among its users, another topic covered in the white paper. New use cases may emerge as more traders advance in their careers. The more use cases there are, the more widespread the coin’s acceptance will be, and its value will rise.


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