The Best PC Games For Ocean Enthusiasts

Some of us just can’t get enough of the water, whether that’s bobbing around swimming, chugging along in a boat, or scouring the depths with a rod. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to get down to the ocean, or even a lake or pond, but in these moments, games can fill the gap. We’ve rounded up some of the best watery games for those who can’t get enough of being by the sea. So, waders on, armbands pumped up, it’s time to dive in.

For Fishing Enthusiasts

There are plenty of games with a watery theme but if you want one that captures the excitement of fishing perfectly then the selection is slightly smaller. Red Dead Redemption offers some great fishing experiences, that capture the realism of fishing perfectly. You could stand around waiting hours for a nibble, only to miss three whoppers in a row. Although only a small part of the game, there’s a huge fishing side quest that sends you to every corner of the map in search of legendary fish. As you catch them, you must post them off so that they can be stuffed and displayed. The satisfaction of catching a legendary fish is huge, but so too is simply casting out, enjoying the landscape, and reeling in a little something for dinner. 

As well as the serene and realistic fishing in Red Dead Redemption, there are some games that choose to opt for the exciting element of the sport. Holy Mackerel: Extreme Fishing might just be the best game out there in the slots category. This title was developed exclusively for 888 Casino, a top-rated casino that made the top of Vegas Slots Online’s list of great casinos offering free spins. The provider made the top of the list thanks to the wide variety of games, but also the bonuses available and the ease of use for players. As for the game, Holy Mackerel is one of the very few slot games that belongs exclusively to one provider, and even better, its sister game Holy Mackerel Fishy Business is available in this casino too. Both games put fishing firmly at the center, with modern wild, multiplier, and scatter features to keep the games exciting. These two games hoped to make their way to the biggest fishing franchise in the slots world, a goal that they’re close to achieving already. 

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For Ocean Conservationists

If you’re more concerned with helping out what’s left in our oceans, rather than fishing it out, then there’s a pretty big choice of games for you to enjoy. Those who enjoy realism above all else will have a great time with Planet Zoo. Although this game includes all animals, both water and land-based, it puts an enormous emphasis on education and conservation. If you want to enjoy all of the best water-dwelling creatures then you’ll need to splash a little extra cash to get the aquatic pack. The original game does include a couple of favorites like alligators and Nile monitors, but there’s so much more to discover in the expansion. Adorable seals, elegant flamingos, cute and cuddly penguins, plus plenty more too. As well as placing these animals in your zoo, you’ll be able to create hyper-realistic enclosures for them using a range of building tools and an enormous selection of rocks and foliage. This game is one that creative gamers will love for its total freedom and realistic graphics.

For Fish Tank Fighters

Sometimes you just can’t resist a good shoot-em-up and when it comes to ocean-based games, as you can imagine, there are quite slim pickings. However, there’s one game that’s been ruling this pretty niche area for more than two decades and that’s Insaniquarium. This game used to be available to play in a browser-based format only, but that has all changed now as it’s back and improved and downloadable via Steam. Whilst gaming as a service was quite an unusual format back in the early noughties, the tables have turned completely now, so its particularly interesting to see Insaniquarium choosing the more traditional purchase and play route. Either way, the game is endlessly playable, perfect for a little gap filler. You’ll start the game with a tank, a water snail and two guppies. You’ll need to feed the guppies, watch them grow and then collect the coins that they poop out in order to buy more fish. As you progress, different fish become available, different tank pets will show up and terrifyingly, aliens will start to invade your tank. You need to fire at them quickly to stop your fish from becoming alien fodder. It’s terribly silly, but somehow satisfying and we can’t wait to see it reign supreme in the fish shoot-em-up category for another twenty years at least.

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