Choose the Perfect Moissanite Rings that Suit Your Finger Shape

Are you unsure how to select an engagement ring that will fit your hand? It’s crucial to consider if this is probably not the first thing you’d assume when deciding what kind of ring you want.

You want a ring that will look gorgeous both in the box and on your finger. Because we are all unique, we all have various hands with short fingers, long, thin fingers, big knuckles, little fingers etc.

When you look at moissanite rings on your hands, some designs suit some fingers better. It is something that gets disregarded. Here, we’ll provide you with some advice on how to pick an engagement ring that will fit your hand to assist you in making this decision. Finding a look that you’ll want Moissanite rings and jewelry wear consistently is crucial in the end.

Are Hands Really That Different?

Yes! Our hands differ from one another as they do from everything else. People might have short, long, fat, broad, or any combination of these types of fingers.

The best way to make your hand seem its best is with certain ring styles, which manages- to highlight its best qualities and minimize its less appealing ones. It isn’t about pointing out flaws; it’s about giving you the finest possible impression of your engagement ring and the attention it will draw to your hands.

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What color will look best on my skin?

Warm skin tones:

  • Warm skin tones look best when paired with yellow gold, rose gold, and copper-toned metals.
  • While earthy-colored gemstones such as pink, yellow, and champagne diamonds and rubies are your best bet.

Cool skin tones:

  • White metals like rose gold, platinum, silver, and white gold are suitable for persons with cool skin tones.
  • Blue, purple, and green sapphires are among the jewels that go well with your skin tone.

Engagement Rings for Short Fingers:

Your engagement ring should lengthen your fingers, and there are diamond styles that can assist you in achieving this. To assist in prolonging the appearance of your finger and avoid overwhelming your fingers if they are shorter, use fancy-shaped diamonds like oval, emerald, pear, or marquise stones. While adding some eye-catching sparkle, classic settings like our Grassetto Oval Ring or our Barcelona Ring will help to lengthen your finger. Beautifuland classic, pear, emerald, and oval engagement rings are available.

Engagement Ring for Long and Thin Fingers:

The ring’s design should be bolder andwider as your spouse has longer, thinner fingers. Your spouse can pull off a dramatic and stunning style by wearing rings with broader bands since they enhance the length of long, slender fingers. Before selecting such Moissanite rings and jewelry, remember your partner’s preferences and style it would go well with the finger. To make your slim finger look broader use marquise or pear-shaped diamonds and a thicker ring. A more comfortable fit provided by the perfect-design prevents yourringfrom twisting on your finger. 

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Engagement Rings for Wide Fingers:

Select a broader diamond if you have wide fingers. Narrow stones will make your finger appear even broader since more flesh will be seen on each side of your ring, enlarging the size of your finger. Larger stones provide the opportunity to flaunt your finger features while also flashing a bit of extra glitter. Engagement rings with broader emerald, marquise, or oval cuts feature the best stones for wide fingers. Wider set fingers seem more balanced with three-stone settings or two-stone engagement rings. 

Best Engagement Rings for Big Knuckles:

The engagement ring ought to balance out the look and detract from larger-than-normal knuckles. The intended impression gets achieved by using broad or striking bands, which focus attention on the ring rather than other aspects. More ornate surroundings might also attract viewers’ attention. Setting designs with three stones or a large surface area draws attention to the ring and provides a balanced appearance.

Small hands:

  • It’s preferable to keep the overall percentage of your ring minimal if you have small hands.
  • Particularly effective stones are those that are small and round, princess-cut, oval, or heart-shaped.

Large hands:

  • You have room to be creative, so try massive rings that fit your personality.
  • Bulky, hefty designs are simple to pull off and when you have larger hands.

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