Apple TV app development: Quick Way to Create Apple TV App

Apple devices always have inimitable style, excellent quality, and wide functionality. That is why gadgets from Cupertino engineers, such as smartphones, speakers, headphones, tablets, etc., are constantly at the peak of popularity among users. Equally interesting are the latest generations of Apple TV set-top boxes. Devices turn a simple TV into a “smart”, as well as allow you to enjoy content in 4K format. 

Some people think that the stylish little box is just a set-top box. For others, it is a player that plays multimedia content. Some use it to synchronize their TV, computer, and Apple mobile gadgets. And they all need Apple TV apps to do it. In this article, we will deal with the Apple TV apps, learn about the features of their development, and find out how much it costs.

What is the Apple TV app? 

Apple TV is a powerful multimedia center that combines extensive functionality. Its main role is to transmit video and audio data from the iTunes Store and other online services to the TV screen. The device can transform an ordinary TV set into a multifunctional “smart” device with the help of Apple TV apps. 

What are the types of Apple TV apps? 

Apple TV apps have a very different focus. Here are just a few of their uses.

  • Use a high quality video collection, localized on dedicated resources;
  • Possibility to listen to audio collections, podcasts, watch trailers, movies, photos, images, etc;
  • Broadcasting to the TV screen of multimedia content from home PCs, mobile devices, tablets, iPod players, and other gadgets that support Windows and Mac OS (via AirPlay). 

The only point is that the set-top box is a harmonious part of the Apple ecosystem. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to it if you have an iPhone, iPad or MacBook. 

The latest generations of devices are not only capable of streaming media data, because of the storage. In addition, you can use any content on iTunes, paying only for viewing. 

A few words about the development process 

To take advantage of the popularity of the Apple TV apps you need to develop an application. So what does the development process consist of?

IT consulting

In the beginning, you come to a smart TV app development company and the specialists estimate your idea, needs, and provide a plan of further action.

UX/UI design

Next, design experts build the look and feel of the Apple TV app according to Apple’s guidelines.


After that, developers write the code for the Apple TV app.


Ready Apple TV app is released to the app store.

Post-release maintenance

The final stage of Apple TV app development is maintenance and software updates if needed.

How much does it cost to develop an Apple TV app?

The price for Apple TV app development varies greatly due to the great variety of apps on the market. Currently, it is $20,000 for the initial setup: this includes app development, integrations, customizations, and getting it Apple TV ready. The price can be reduced by contacting Apple TV app development companies in Eastern Europe. They offer their services at half the price of those in the US for the same quality.

Compared to conventional TV or game consoles, Apple TV undoubtedly wins by combining the capabilities of both devices. At the same time, the media player has all the advantages and features of Apple technology.

Apple TV app is an innovative and high-tech way to achieve success in business, harmoniously combining the integration of software, modern equipment, and Apple services. Contact Perfsol Apple TV app development company and create the software of your dreams.

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