A Complete Review of The GTX 1070


The GTX 1070 is a stand-out example of a durable GPU. Despite it being around six years old newer models out there, this one is still a contender, and definitely one to consider adding to your gaming repertoire. This is a complete review of the GTX 1070, its best specs and features, and how it stands apart from other graphics card setups. 

Specs Overview

The Gaming PC GTX 1070 remains a reliable and champion GPU for any gamer. It is not overreaching on its price, largely owing to the fact it is nearing a decade in age, and what you get really says quality gaming. 

Let’s start with the basic specs. First up, it comes with an 8-pin power connector – these are well established for their capacity to bring power to the graphics card system. You can get up to double of what a 6-pin could provide, so we’re off to a good start. Next, the base clock taps in at around a1506MHz frequency with the boost clock taking it all the way to 1683 MHzs. These are not bad prospects at all, in fact, they’re pretty great. It has a high-tech cooling system that combines a triangular fan shape with a copper heat-pipe system allowing for heat to escape efficiently. You also get five outputs and a 256 memory bus, which are all things that add to its overall merit. 

The Pros

  • 8GB Memory Capacity: 8GB is more than enough to support most types of games. It is more than capable of supporting at least 1440p. 
  • Supports Multi-monitor game play: Not all graphics cards can do this, so it’s a big gold star to find one that can it so superbly.
  • 5 Outputs: You get DVI, HDMI, and 3x Display Port. It seems the GTX tries to cover all bases for various types of gaming. 
  • Looks Good: Aesthetically, it is on the small side, and slickly presented. It looks compact and tidy with a nice finish and gives the impression it would slot into any gaming system and not look untidy while doing so. 

The Cons

  • Newer Versions Available: Circling back to the fact that this model is more or less six years in, of course, there are newer versions available to buy. That being said, the GTX 1070 is still worth talking about six years down the line, so it has had a lasting impact on the GPU market. 

The Conclusion Verdict 

Still a great GPU for any gamer, the GTX 1070 stands the test of time. It really delivers in terms of performance, provides stunning visuals, and can keep up with more advanced games as well. All in all, it still ranks highly on the recommended graphics card configurations to check out for your gaming setup. It fits nicely into any gaming PC and really complements the hardware, plus you have multiple screen support options for a more immersive experience. Really, there’s not much to complain about across the board. 

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