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What is mobile marketing?
In short, mobile marketing strategy is that the sharing of a brand or business during a way that’s optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices throughout apps, social media channels, and websites.

As a marketing strategy, mobile marketing allows a business to succeed in a bigger audience than they might by focusing solely on desktop digital marketing processes. consistent with SiriusDecisons, 67% of the buying process now takes place digitally. additionally , Flurry reported that the typical American spends around 5 hours per day on their mobile device.

Marketing teams are taking advantage of the quantity of your time the typical person spends on a mobile device. Because we’re on our phones every single day, it only is sensible that marketing campaigns be specialized for mobile viewers across various digital platforms.

Why mobile marketing strategies matter
From a business perspective, it’s important to understand that the way during which their customers are consuming digital content has changed from desktop-based to mobile-based. In 2015, mobile use surpassed desktop use, with 51% of internet nonce spent on mobile and smartphone devices.

For marketers, online marketing skills that complement mobile marketing strategy optimization are an actively wanted skill for businesses round the world. regardless of the dimensions of your organization, it’s time to level-up your mobile marketing strategy by being a digital marketer with high-value mobile marketing skills.

Examples of best-In-class mobile marketing strategies
Over the years, many brands and organizations have invested in high- quality mobile marketing strategies to form the foremost out of their marketing budget, including:

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National Geographic: during a bold move, the National Geographic Channel created a mobile marketing campaign that was aimed only at tablet users watching on their home’s Wi-Fi network. For a co-viewing experience, the campaign provided them with important details on their tablets while a show was playing on their screens.

Ford: During the discharge of latest Taurus and Escape vehicle models, Ford created a future-forward mobile marketing strategy that connected mobile viewing and texting capabilities. If individuals were interested by either vehicle and wanted more information, they simply needed to send a one-word text to a brief number.

Once an opportunity sent the text, they’d be contacted, provided the relevant information, and asked for his or her names and postcode . This information was then sent to their closest dealership, from where a sales professional reached out.

Setting up your mobile marketing strategy
If you’re new to the world of mobile marketing, Scorpion’s marketing strategy is a good place to start. However, we’ve compiled all of the information you’ll need to easily create a well-rounded mobile marketing strategy.

Your strategy must be customer-centric, for all marketing activities Traditional marketing methods of selling features of your product or topographic point gone. Instead, customers are looking to take a position in brands that they believe will provide an answer to a selected aspect of their life.

When it involves skills required for digital marketing, understanding the way to effectively market to mobile-based customers is vital . This begins by ensuring that you simply have an airtight strategy for creating a customer want to take a position in your product or service. The content that customers are shown is what is going to develop their brand awareness, and ideally pull them into your sales funnel.

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Because mobile users are often using their device briefly bursts – during a commute or short work break – mobile marketing strategy content should be as succinct and clear as possible. When a user can quickly access and understand information which will be of use to them, the more likely they’re to remain engaged.

Optimize your web and landing pages for mobile
The first step in creating a best-in-class mobile marketing strategy for your brand is ensuring that any content or information you’re marketing to a audience are often seen accurately on their mobile device. for instance , optimizing your sites requires a specialized “design” for tablets and smaller screen sizes. this enables an opportunity to browse the content on an internet page similarly to how they might on a desktop.

High-converting landing pages often include well-pl aced visual aspects to share a message with an audience quickly. However, as some mobile devices notoriously take longer to load image-heavy sites , attempt to keep mobile-friendly landing pages and sites to attenuate loading time. The Aberdeen Group found that just a one-second loading delay:

Decreases customer satisfaction by 16%
Causes a 7% loss in conversions
Produces 11% fewer page views

To keep your landing and sites as mobile-friendly as possible, confirm that any photos or videos are made for mobile, which they’re regularly updated to speak a replacement message, streamlining your mobile marketing strategy.

Find the proper audience
The most effective mobile strategies are those targeted to drive reference to a targeted audience. likelihood is that , your brand or business has already developed ideal client profiles (ICPs) and target buyer personas.

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To take these pre-developed strategies to subsequent level, these ICPs and personas are often wont to guide the kinds of platforms you base your mobile marketing campaign on. for instance , by knowing what social media channels your target buyer spends the foremost time on, you’ll create mobile content optimized for these channels.

Some social media channels – like Instagram – are designed to be best on mobile devices, so do your research on what content has high levels of engagement on these platforms.

Make your call to action for mobile users available
An integral a part of any marketing strategy includes calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout your content. These short bursts of data invite a viewer to form subsequent logical step during a way that feels natural, pulling them further into your online sales funnel. Here is the list to learn online mobile marketing

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