The Next Generation of Coders Need to Start Learning Now


Technology is one of civilization’s most important baton passes. Millennia ago, people who first learned how to control fire needed to teach their youth, so future generations could stay warm and cook food. 

Today, digital technology is evolving faster than anybody can track. The video games people played decades ago pale next to what kids today play. Smartphone technology is advanced and pervasive worldwide in ways we couldn’t have imagined even ten years ago.

Parents who want their children to keep pace with tech or become leaders in the field are wise to enroll them in computer coding courses now. When they do, here’s what they should be on the lookout for to ensure they pick the right class.

Fun Video Games at the Centre of Everything

Extracurriculars for children need to be fun above everything else. Yes, they’ll walk away with important skills they’ll need later, but the sessions have to be enjoyable!

The best online coding camp frames its coding lessons around how to create a video game that kids can show off to their friends and family. Young beginners and older, more experienced coders alike can use their imaginations and new skills to create vast, customizable worlds they walk through and play in.

It’s hard to think of something that excites kids more than video games. Learning to create them helps them get inside the game, and they’ll love that even more. Gamification dynamics found in elite programming courses push their interest even further over the top.

The Right Coding Languages 

Some coding languages are more popular and in demand than others. It’s better for kids to learn how to write code in these languages rather than use drag-and-drop programs that only convey to students what coding is like.

Parents need to look for an online coding course that teaches the following languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Knowing how to write code in the languages powering popular apps like Netflix or video games like Minecraft sets them up for success later on in school and the workforce. Kids will feel stimulated without being overwhelmed because there are languages suitable for every level of skill and experience. 

Children need to be engaged without biting off more than they can chew. Being in the right learning environment really helps.

Very Small Classrooms

Finally, the next generation of coders will learn best in small classroom environments. That’s why leading online coding courses limit class sizes to four students per teacher.

It’s hard for kids to learn any new subject, and coding involves absorbing fundamental math skills, like vectors, integers, and even trigonometry. When there are only a maximum of three other students in the online sessions, kids won’t struggle to be heard and have their needs met. 

When it comes to passing on technology, every generation struggles to ensure there’s no break in the chain. Otherwise, all the progress of preceding decades is at risk. Sign up your child for online coding classes that tick off all the above boxes, and they’ll have all the tools they need to lead their generation. 


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