Management challenges faced in airport operations

Managing airports is a tough nut to crack. When there is an increased number of passengers in the airport to maintain its services according to the capacity. From fuel to maintenance everything is costly so management can be difficult, especially during the time of global recession. The global recession has caused a significant impact on the airline’s services because of exchanging of foreign currency value. Optimization platform for airport operators is important.

The privatization of airports has increased the efficiency and security needs with the increasing terrorism threats. Even when the airports are evolving they are still facing some challenges in management.

Need of funds

When the air side terminal and the surface links of the airport are evolving and upgrading with the industry, it has put immense pressure on the airline to keep the cost low and provide the passenger facilities and everything within the budget. The revenue generated from passenger facility charges cannot be expanded because of increasing competition. It becomes quite difficult to satiate the capital need for the smooth running of the facility

Problem with staff

During the time of the pandemic, people travelled less than usual. Because the facility was not running as usual and is on the verge of shutdown resulting in laying off almost half of their staff as a measure of cost-cutting. As a result, the airport suffered from an understaffing problem. The operational challenges have impacted the passenger experience and caused them to wait in long lines even for delayed flights. Airports are looking for better staff and resources to make it possible and a robust space for their operation.

Travelling more after a pandemic 

It was predicted that after the pandemic is over people will travel more with the lifting of restrictions. Now the airports are overwhelmed with more passengers trying to catch up with their lost time during this pandemic. Now that unpredicted demand and without any necessary stuff in the airport are contributing to the long check lines and frustrating the passengers and staff. It takes long hours for a passenger to get onto their flight and even the back check can take at least 50 minutes of their time. Now that airports are short staff they need to find ways where they can operate in a better and more efficient manner so that they can enhance the experience of passengers with their limited resources.

Making the aviation industry a green one

When global warming and climate change policies have defined the course of the future economy it becomes more important to manufacturing transportation and energy needs which are not harming nature aggressively. In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the commercial aviation industry it is difficult to do it without the inconvenience


The aircraft services have a lot of data to deliver which requires a subsequent increase in the efficiency, sustainability and passenger experience. Along with increasing all the variables, it is important to reduce the cost of every stakeholder in the ecosystem.

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