Benefits of Cinnamon in Coffee: The 7 wonders this combo brings

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

In a world where people love to have coffee at all times of the day, it’s true that it can have a negative impact on health as well. However, those who consume it in the right amount and right quality can enjoy its taste for longer. The mixture of coffee with anything else may not sound tasty, but if you add cinnamon to it, it does wonders. Adding cinnamon to coffee not only increases the aroma of coffee, but makes it tastes much better than plain coffee. Not only does it give coffee a unique taste and aroma, it also provides health benefits as well. Here in this blog we are going to look at the major benefits of cinnamon in coffee, beginning with some basics of the same.

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

Benefits of Cinnamon in Coffee: 7 top

1. Weight Loss

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

To state a fact, cinnamon is delicious when it is taken along with coffee.  Moreover, scientifically one of the benefits of cinnamon in coffee is weight loss. It may sound weird, but yes it’s true that cinnamon and coffee together can help you lose weight. Once you take this combo, it acts as a suppressant for your appetite and allows your stomach to feel full for sometime. Moreover, the combination also gives rise to insulin, which further helps in losing weight as well or at least maintaining it. 

2. Filled with Vitamins and Minerals

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

Cinnamon contains a wide variety of Vitamins and minerals in different concentrations and quantities. This compound gives you fiber, manganese, calcium, iron, and Vitamin K as well. So, when consumed with coffee, it provides you with all these minerals, nutrients, and Vitamins, which are beneficial for you. 

3. Increases quantity of Antioxidants

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

Another major benefits of cinnamon in coffee is that the combination increases antioxidants in your body. Cinnamon is among the spices that are filled with antioxidants and one spoon of it is equivalent to the amount of antioxidants you may get from eating blueberries. So, introducing cinnamon in coffee does increase antioxidants in your body. 

4. Lowers the risk of developing Heart Disease

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

According to different studies and experts, cinnamon does wonders for the heart and it also lowers the risk of developing different heart diseases. So consuming it with coffee regularly can help you to keep your heart healthy.

5. Increases Brain Activity

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

As coffee is known as an energy booster and is often consumed to stay awake and energized, cinnamon acts as an enhancer for the same. This is among the main benefits of cinnamon in coffee. It also helps in boosting overall activity of the brain, keeping you active, concentrated, and energized at the same time.

6. Useful for people with High Blood Sugar

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

People dealing with high blood sugar conditions are often recommended to include cinnamon as it helps to give taste and acts as an alternative to sugar in many drinks. This includes coffee as well. If you don’t want to include sugar in your coffee, adding cinnamon can act as the best option. 

7. Fights Symptoms of Cold

benefits of cinnamon in coffee

Cinnamon is also known for relieving symptoms of cold and fever. If you are having a cold, but need to consume coffee, then you can add cinnamon to it for getting relief.


1. Does cinnamon really give benefits when mixed with coffee?

Yes, indeed since cinnamon is one of the best spices containing numerous benefits, it does provide its benefits even when taken with coffee.

2. How much cinnamon to add to coffee?

It depends upon you. If you love the flavor of cinnamon then you can add a small tablespoon in one or two cups of coffee. But if you just need it’s aroma in coffee, then a hint or pinch of cinnamon is more than enough.

3. Does adding cinnamon in coffee enhance its fragrance?

Yes, when you add cinnamon to any beverage be it coffee, you will definitely get its fragrance. 

Final Words

This combination of coffee and cinnamon not only pleases your tastebuds, but also provides healthy benefits. The benefits of cinnamon in coffee listed here are some of the major benefits the combination can provide. So now, you can go and try this combination to feel better.

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