Questions To Ask Before Hiring a PR Agency for Your Startup Promotion

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Did you have a bad experience with your previous start up PR agency, which failed the promotion campaign? This time, we are going to speak about essential questions that can help you choose the right public relations agency and achieve stunning results. You have to be ready to face a rough selection process. In the beginning, it is difficult to trust the reputation of your brand to someone you do not really know. Despite your previous negative reputation, it is absolutely possible to find a professional PR agency for your startup. It is a time-consuming process, the results are worth waiting and being patient. Below, you will find the top questions to ask your potential PR manager. If the answers satisfy you, you can give it a try!

Selecting a Perfect Public Relations Agency

If you are lucky to find a reliable PR agency with a good reputation, your startup development will be taken to the next level. Choosing the right PR partner is super important. You can ask the following questions to verify the level of professionalism, client-orientation, and commitment to the common goals.

  • How does your PR team measure final results?

We all know that it is essential to scale the success rate of a marketing/public relations campaign. It shows whether there is understanding between the PR agency and the clients.

  • Does your PR team follow the most recent trends in the industry?

A professional PR agency is always aware of new trends and upcoming events. It is a way to grow and stand the competition. Using a traditional approach is nice, but you block yourself from more efficient approaches and tools. Do everything possible to adapt to new market conditions and engage as many influencers and partners as possible.

  • What does your PR agency expect from our startup?

It is better to discuss all the things in advance. You can clarify whether this PR agency creates content itself or you get connected with third-party writing experts to manage the content plan. How often do you have to be ready to give interviews or meetings?

  • What is the approximate expectation to see the media coverage?

This question is super important. You must know the approximate media coverage plan for the monthly basis. Make sure the PR agency can give you a range. You should never pay to a PR agency that cannot guarantee monthly media coverage.

  • What other communication forms do you use?

You must discuss in advance how your future PR team is going to communicate monthly media coverage to your startup team. You have to be sure that your brand gets promoted through all possible social media channels.

  • How can your PR agency help our startup?

This is a great question. To be successful in media relations is good, but it’s essential to show positive results in social media and blogging too.

  • Why should you choose this PR agency?

It is always nice to hear a self-presentation of the company that will be responsible for your brand promotion. If they are able to create an excellent brand image of their agency, they will help you to do the same.

  • Will there be any extra fees to pay?

It is better to clarify this question if you want to plan your budget for a public relations campaign in advance. Will you have to pay for advertising? or blogger reviews? All these details will affect the final bill.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the right PR agency, you should not underestimate the power of asking the essential questions. It is normal to ask all the previously mentioned questions, because you are the clients and you want to know where your money goes. You should also listen to your intuition. If you feel like you can trust this PR team, give it a try, but do not forget to check the feedback of other clients on independent resources.

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