How to Reset a WordPress Website


in case you are the web developer, designer or website owner, then it may be right for you to know about to reset the website. there are many wordpress plugins that can be utilized to reset the database of a wordpress web page, so that your site goes again into its original state. But, why and the way you need to do this.

on this Article, we are going to speak about that how you’ll reset your wordpress web page using the plugin WP database Reset. In this article we’re going to discuss the use of WP database Reset step-by-step. and on the finish of this text we can speak about the other plugins that we will use to reset the wordpress database.

first of all it should be clear that why you need to reset your wordpress web page.

Why Might You Want to Reset Your WordPress Website?

Use of a WordPress Reset plugin resets your WordPress website to its unique settings, cleans your WordPress database and leaves a fresh blank canvas so that you can paintings on. There are several the reason why you may want your WordPress website online reset. Let’s take a look at the …

Fed up with your blog or website:

If you need a whole new web page or blog, you’ll delete your site simply and get started recent once more. If your platform is outdated and needs an entire redesign, this might be absolute best. Nonetheless, don’t disregard that you will lose all of your content if you reset all of your site, so be sure you don’t wish to cling any blogs, articles, footage or other media.

Designing a new website:

It might take time to design a new website online and on occasion takes a lot of enjoying round with quite a lot of subject matters and codecs sooner than you settle on a selected design that works together with your emblem. You can accelerate this procedure by way of downloading a reset plugin, as a result of you can quickly take away any designs you aren’t interested by and start from scratch once more.

Using a testing environment:

To take a look at new topics or plugins, you’ll be able to use a staging environment. Or, you’ll want to be a developer designing web pages for purchasers in a staging environment prior to moving them to a reside website online. Either approach you’ll be able to simply go back your test web site to its default settings if you’ve performed tweaking around.

Cleaning up your website:

Over time, your WordPress database can grow to be somewhat overloaded with the set up of more than a few issues and plug-ins. Some WordPress Reset Plugins (one in every of them being WP Database Reset) can come up with keep an eye on over the reset settings, enabling you to easily remove other database tables so that you can blank up your web site and make allowance it to run at its optimum level of performance.

WP Database Reset: An Introduction

The WordPress Database Reset plugin lets you restore the server to its authentic settings (all tables or those you select) with no need to go throughout the 5-minute WordPress set up or edit any records data.


  • Extremely fast one click procedure to reset the WordPress database tables
  • Choose to reset all of the database or explicit database tables
  • Secure and super simple to make use of Safe –
  • it’s no longer conceivable to by chance click reset
  • Prefer the command line? Reset the database in a single command
  • Excellent for theme and plugin developers who wish to blank the database of any pointless content Command Line

Command Line

Once activated, you can use the WordPress Database Reset plugin with WordPress CLI.

Reset both of the tables:

wp reset database

Specify the number of tables to be reset:

wp reset database --tables='users, posts, comments, options'

The current theme and plugins shall be reactivated via default. You can disable them like so:

wp reset database --no-reactivate

List the names of the table:

wp reset list


Create a new post in the WordPress Database Reset support forum.

Want to help out?

WP Database Reset was once at the beginning evolved in October 2011 by way of Chris Berthe. Please do not ship him any fortify questions. If you wish to have assistance the legit forum is the most productive and fastest approach to get it.


The WP Database Reset plugin page
The WP Database Reset plugin page

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