How to select the best preschool in Singapore for your children

If you are a parent, you will want to give your children the best possible start in life. And that means sending them to the best preschool in Singapore. The right preschool has high-quality teachers who care deeply about each child’s development; a nurturing yet challenging environment that helps children develop critical thinking skills and learn how to become independent; flexible hours so that parents can work without worrying about missing classes or needing to arrange childcare; and small class sizes so every child receives individual attention from their teacher.When looking for a preschool or infant care that values outdoor play and learning, you want to consider the following:

Choose a preschool with a strong focus on play

Play is a child’s work. Play involves children finding new challenges and developing their skills through the process of play. Research shows that when children are given opportunities to explore, make choices and take risks, they develop self-confidence and a sense of well-being. They learn how to problem solve, become independent and creative thinkers as well as being socially adept.

Play is particularly important for young children learning to express themselves fully because it allows them to try out new ideas without fear of failure or judgement from adults or peers. Play also helps them develop social skills by interacting with other children in open ended ways where they can learn cooperation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills too!

Look for a preschool that values outdoor play and learning

When looking for a preschool that values outdoor play and learning, you want to consider the following:

  • What types of activities does the school offer? Do they include nature-based activities such as gardening or building forts? Or do they focus on more traditional indoor classroom activities like reading books or playing with toys.
  • How much time do students spend outdoors? It’s probably not possible for your child’s entire day to be spent outside every day (and we wouldn’t recommend it), but make sure there is a good chunk of time each week where kids can get fresh air and exercise.

Choose a preschool with an experienced, passionate and qualified teaching staff

  • Teachers should be passionate about teaching.
  • Teachers should be qualified and experienced in teaching young learners.
  • Teachers should be able to communicate well with children, parents and the school administration.

Select a preschool that nurtures independence and self-confidence in your children

The ability to be independent and self-sufficient is a key life skill. As your children grow older, they will need these skills to take care of themselves and their needs as they enter school, work, and other aspects of adulthood.

Independence can be fostered in many ways:

  • Teach your child how to dress themselves. Place their clothes on the bed or floor each night (or morning), with instructions on what needs to be worn at what time of day. Give them an allotted amount of time before helping them button up shirts or put socks on their feet.
  • Encourage independence through playtime by setting aside toys that are appropriate for this purpose (such as Duplo blocks) rather than toys that require direct supervision such as dolls or cars with pedals and wheels. Provide an age-appropriate snack so that your child can feed himself without assistance from you or another adult.

Self-confidence is equally important for successful adults, who must often make decisions without knowing all the facts beforehand—and even when there are other people around providing input from different perspectives! It’s easy for us parents (especially mothers) to become overprotective when our little ones start doing things like walking outside by themselves; however, this hinders their development in healthy ways because it prevents them from learning how to handle difficult situations independently while still maintaining control over their actions at all times.”

Look for a preschool with a strong focus on emotional and social development

When it comes to preschools in Singapore and elsewhere, emotional and social development is an important factor. It’s one that can have a significant impact on the success of your child’s future relationships. For example, if you want your kid to develop healthy ways of communicating their feelings, you need a preschool that focuses on helping them learn how to do so.

You can help your child develop these skills by encouraging them to talk about what they like or don’t like at school or home. You should also listen to what they have to say instead of interrupting them or arguing with them when they express an opinion different from yours!

If you find yourself struggling with these things then finding a preschool with strong focus on emotional and social development may be the best option for both you and your child!

Opt for a preschool that celebrates diversity and inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity are important to consider when choosing a preschool. These two concepts are closely linked, but they’re different enough that it’s worth understanding the distinction between them.

To understand diversity, we must first think about conformity—the idea of sticking to what’s known or accepted by society as normal. Diversity is about embracing newness, and not just accepting differences but celebrating them as well. Diversity helps children develop an inclusive mindset by encouraging them to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. In this way, it helps students develop better social skills that can translate into positive interactions with their peers at school and beyond.

Inclusivity is similar to diversity in that it celebrates acceptance of differences among people rather than conforming around one set way of thinking or behaving; however, inclusivity focuses more on leveling out hierarchies within groups themselves instead of reducing prejudice between groups overall (as diversity does). For example: if there were two girls who were equally smart but one had a much larger vocabulary than the other due to having been surrounded by adults talking on higher levels since they were born—then their “knowledge gap” might be considered an issue of exclusion rather than separateness per se (that’s why I said only sometimes).

Consider the curriculum, teaching methods and resources offered at the preschool you are considering

  • Curriculum

The curriculum your child will be taught is one of the most important aspects of any preschool. It’s essential that they are being given a quality education during their school days, as this will help them to develop as independent learners and successful people later in life. Be sure to ask about how children are assessed, what their educational goals are and how they achieve them.

  • Teaching Methods

Teaching methods can vary greatly between schools, so it’s important that you find out what type of teaching style will be used at the school you’re considering enrolling your child in. Some schools may use more traditional techniques while others may opt for more innovative approaches such as Montessori or Waldorf methods. You should also ask about whether teachers use technology or other resources (such as books) when teaching lessons as well as what kind of ratio there is between teachers and students in each class setting

Select an educational institution that also offers pre kindergarten classes as well as childcare services

Selecting a preschool is an important decision for parents. In Singapore, it’s not just about choosing an educational institution that will help your child excel academically; it’s also about selecting one which will facilitate their development as a whole person.

The role of preschool in promoting early childhood development is well documented and long established. A good preschool can help your child build skills such as self-esteem and confidence, learn new words and how to play with others, develop social skills like empathy and compassion; all these are crucial elements of their development which they will carry forward into primary school.

However there are other reasons why you should consider choosing such an institution over another one:

Where you send your child to preschool matters.

Where you send your child to preschool matters.

A good preschool in Singapore is a place where your child can learn and grow, both academically and socially. It provides them with the structure, playmates, and resources they need to become confident learners who enjoy learning in school later on. But not all preschools are the same—some are better than others at educating young children. Here are some of the things to look for when choosing a good preschool:

  • A strong teaching staff that understands how children learn best
  • A curriculum that offers activities that engage your child’s curiosity and sense of wonder about the world around them
  • A safe environment where children can play outside as well as indoors


We hope this article has helped you to learn how you can choose the right preschool for your child. You may have already chosen a few preschools in Singapore and now want some advice on how to decide which one would be best. We suggest that you visit each preschool personally and meet with the teachers, staff, administration and parents of children who are currently enrolled there before making your final decision.

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