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Your graduation and your carefree life have finally come to an end: you cannot put off searching for a job anymore. The first job of a university graduate is always scary. Job seekers’ stress levels are very high already during interviews. But it is the usual thing. Your first job is not only about fear and horror; it is also about good things such as your first salary and ups and downs. While reading this article, you find things that every beginner will encounter in life. 

Studying never ends

“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward” (Conrad Hill). You will have to study again at work more than ever before. A boss might ask you to draw up some incomprehensible document or make a previously unknown calculation. You’ll have to sit down and come up with something that has never been before. You will learn to defend your point of view in front of your superiors, work in a team and be responsible for everything you have done.

Finding a healthy balance between work and personal life can be hard

Some will be hostile. Some will try to befriend you. Others will ignore you. You can’t just be playing on your phone and get a raise. There is hard work behind any small victory. No one will regret you, and no one will praise you for a job well done. It seems like doing your job well – that’s your job. 

It is natural to feel anxiety at times

Perhaps this is how this period of life can be called. “Big stress.” You might not meet deadlines, constant noise around, and a very long working day. You can’t just oversleep a boring meeting. If you got a job in a company with a flexible work schedule, it would be easier for you. However, life is built around a work schedule even under such conditions.

We all are sellers

Work will teach you how to sell. It doesn’t matter who you work with. Sell ​​yourself, your knowledge and skills, ideas, and so on. Half of a successful interview is presenting yourself and talking about the merits correctly. And you will definitely learn how to do it. Moreover, future salary also depends on the salesperson’s skills: bargaining, negotiation, and persuasion.

You’ll make it through

You might be refused. In most cases, the strength of conviction and a higher education diploma are sufficient for a positive response from the employer. But prestigious vacancies with good salaries that attract ambitious graduates require practical knowledge and a lot of experience. The sooner you realize that huge salaries and positions are not handed out just like that, the better be for you.

It’s high time to be independent

It is in your interests not to be late for work, prepare lunch in advance, plan the day and be on time everywhere. Now you are an independent person. Learn, develop, improve yourself and never look back. We create ourselves and the world around us.

A good option to apply for paid internships

When you are a person without any experience and employers refuse your CV, we recommend you apply for paid internships. Most companies have paid internship opportunities. Some companies offer internships for students. Internships allow students to find the right career path and earn money.


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