How to Improve Your German Writing Skills Online


A measured pace allows you to train vocabulary and listening comprehension. By choosing this or that sequence of actions, you also learn how to treat patients correctly. In addition to dialogues, you can perform exercises to consolidate vocabulary and practice pronunciation. The appendix also includes a glossary of frequently used terms in care.

Application to Boost German Written Skills

If you are learning German, it is essential to speak correctly and write correctly. At the same time, writing skills are crucial not only for passing language exams but also for living, studying, and working in a German-speaking country by attending German online courses. With the help of various online resources, you can practice writing German and develop your writing skills in a foreign language to the maximum. Especially for you, we have compiled a selection of great sites for the utterly free practice of written German.


A handy and easy-to-use resource for those who are learning German or another foreign language. The feature of the portal is that native speakers themselves check the texts written by you. It is enough to make a post in the language you are learning, and you will receive corrections and comments from native speakers. At the same time, you can check texts written by foreigners in German. The idea of ​​the site has proven itself perfectly, and it has already gained popularity among thousands of users around the world.

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Thanks to the tasks, text examples, instructions, dictionaries, and tips for writing texts on this site, any user can hone their writing skills in German. The site also provides additional educational materials, such as videos, to raise the general language level.


Do you want to know how well you write in German and improve your writing skills? This one-stop resource will check your texts for grammar and spelling and highlight and explain any mistakes you’ve made.


If you are learning German and are interested in life in Germany, you will love this site, which has a lot of valuable resources. For example, here are free exercises to develop language skills, including writing skills.

A popular German-language site with a friendly interface that helps develop various German skills, including writing skills. The resource includes all kinds of lessons and tasks organized by difficulty levels.


The portal brings together more than 3 million users from 175 countries who learn 164 foreign languages. You can become a part of this vast community of foreign language lovers! The resource is ideal for practicing written German. Here you can find a native speaker for communication, correspondence, and active language exchange. It’s no secret that this technique has proven to be excellent, and the skill of writing is best developed in the process of live correspondence.

Write German Like a Native

Indeed you wrote your last dictation at school, right? Meanwhile, writing a text in a foreign language from dictation is one of the best exercises for developing writing skills. First, this practice will quickly reveal your gaps in writing. Secondly, the technique helps to improve a foreign language. The Udemy German Writing course includes quality study materials and allows everyone to quickly develop their writing skills in German by writing texts from dictation.

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It is another popular resource for practicing written German based on the same technique – writing phrases, sentences, and texts from dictation. The portal interface is as simple and convenient as possible to use: you listen to an audio recording and write and check the correctness of what is written. At the same time, thousands of entries are available for dictations, from entry-level to advanced. Always free, which is very good because not all the time do we have accessible funds to pay for language applications and other online learning apps.

To Wrap It Up

There are many ways to boost your German writing skills online, and using language applications is one of the best ways. Don’t try to learn everything immediately, do that gradually. You can start boosting your skills in German writing as soon as you download some of these apps. Besides that, try to practice more in writing business letters and other writing activities.

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