What Is An International School And Why Choose It?

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong

Most people looking for information about international schools already understand something about them. At their core, we are talking about schools teaching international curriculums. In most cases, this is done in the English language. The big problem is that many parents do not understand why these may be advantageous since they are used to the regular schools popular where they live. An option like the Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong British international school is rarely taken into account, even if it might be great for several potential students. 

In most cases, the international schools are located in countries that do not have English as the main speaking language. But, they are also available in the UK, the US, and Canada. The modern international schools are much more advanced than in the past. They offer several programs and languages, ranging from the Australian curriculum to the German curriculum. Simply put, it is really easy to find international schools that suit the needs of the child. 

Contrary to what most people believe, the very first international school appeared in the year 1924. The concept though is much older. During the 1800s, Africa missionaries set up schools. Nowadays, international schools are very common and the use the IB (International Baccalaureate) standard. 

Regular Schools Versus International Schools

The big difference that has to be mentioned when comparing the regular schools with the international ones can be seen in the curriculum being used. In international schools, the international model is being used. But, you might also want to be aware of the other possible differences. For instance, a big one is that the child’s education is much more focused on practical applications, greater independence, and socio-cultural studies. 

Most international schools have international staff. Teachers often enjoy really important benefits, like quality campuses, better pay, better employment conditions, access to modern technology, and travel perks. More can be expected at the top schools. 

We should also highlight that class size is different. In international schools, the classes usually only feature a maximum of twenty students. This is normally much less than what we see in regular schools. In many cases, we see double this number in place. 

Obviously, costs also differ. We have to understand that the international school is basically a private school. As such, costs are substantially higher when compared with the public domestic schools. Keep in mind that in so many countries education is free. Tuition costs at international schools wildly vary based on location and country. 

Why Are International Schools Preferred?

Besides the clear advantages that are obvious from above, we have to also highlight the following benefits:

Practical Access

International schools are an alternative available to those who cannot attend regular schools. Because of the fact that the curriculum is standardized, the child can so easily continue studies in another country at another international school. This is a huge advantage when the parent has a mobile job and needs to relocate to another country in the future. The student’s learning might not be ideal because of the move but it is definitely less disruptive. Changing from one local curriculum to the next is very tough on the child. 

Global Access

International school students often come from mobile families. This means that school population tends to be international. It also regularly changes. The student ends up naturally exposed to several cultures, perspectives, and languages. A higher empathy is thus developed for the different world views and backgrounds. These are practically skills that help a lot when looking at the modern world, which focuses on a global community and an international marketplace. 

Student turnover is high so there is a higher possibility of learning respect and acceptance. New students are supported during the transition process and the existing students will never end up feeling threatened, which is a big problem with the regular schools using local curriculums. All new students are accepted quickly and become a part of the community. 

Education Quality

It does not matter what country the international school is located in. Education quality is always at a really high standard. This is not the case with the domestic schools where education quality varies a lot. By simply choosing the international school you can be 100% sure that the child is going to receive the highest possible quality education. 

The international schools follow strict rules enforced by international governing bodies. Quality testing is constantly carried out by institutions like the CIS, ECIS, or COBIS. There is also the possibility that local governing bodies offer accreditation. All this means that the school is ethical and safe. 

What Happens After The International School Is Over?

The last thing we have to highlight is that there is a difference between what happens after the local education is over and the international education is over. The IB Diploma basically lets the student apply to a chosen university. This is a qualification that is international. It does not matter what country you travel to. Your diploma is going to be accepted. But, the application process can vary. There are some universities that do not have IB partnerships in place. 

To put things as simple as possible, after you finish international school, you have access to several possible renowned international education options. Also, the diplomas that you get are accepted in most parts of the world. This means that it is so much easier to continue education or get a lucrative job. The student is simply much more qualified and is more ready to be a part of the global workforce. 


The international school option is definitely one that needs to be considered by numerous parents and students. Obviously, there are cases in which the local options are better. However, if you want to have children who are fully prepared for what happens after education is over, you need to seriously consider the international education option. Just keep in mind that not all international schools are created equal. Some are better than others. Always use due diligence and conduct a really thorough research before you make your final choice. 

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