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2500 Top Free Online Courses 2021

2500 Top Free Online Courses 2021

We are coming on the brink of the lockdown; most of the tutorial institutes are closing again. Therefore, we’ve decided to comeup with 2500 Top Free Online Courses 2021 to form students lockdown more productive. These online courses will help students to find out new skills which will help them within the future. All of those 2500 Top Free Online Courses 2021 are offered by Top Organizations and Institutes; therefore, we don’t want any student to miss this chance .

Due to the present Pandemic Covid-19 situation, our education systems are now focusing more on virtual learning. this is often a superb opportunity to avail; this may save students money and time sitting at their home they’re going to learn from International Institutes and Organizations. Candidates from all nationalities can apply for these 2500 Top Free Online Courses 2021; there are not any restrictions.

Candidates currently pursuing their degree programmes for Bachelors, Masters & Ph.D. are encouraged to use these 2500 Top Free Online Courses in 2021. Candidates can also obtain a programme completion certificate after the completion of these free online courses. These courses are offered by top organisations such as Google, the British Council, the United Nations, Microsoft, etc.

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For these 2500 Top Free Online Courses in 2021, students belonging to almost any academic background will apply. For more information on these 2021 Free Online Courses, check the details given below and apply accordingly. If you’re trying to find more foreign opportunities, visit our Phdcoding platform on a regular basis.

Great opportunity for the scholars trying to find International Scholarship; an application is hospitable apply for Hamad Bin Khalifa Scholarships 2021. The scholarship will seek a degree in Bachelor’s, Masters & Ph.D. You can apply here if you’re interested: HBKU Scholarships 2021

2500 Top Free Online Courses 2021 Details

  • Eligible Countries: All Nationals
  • Host Organization: Top Institutes & Organizations
  • No of Courses: 2500
  • Program Access: Online
  • Program Cost: freed from Cost
  • Available Programs: Multiple

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List of 2500 Top Free Online Courses 2021

Free Online Courses by United Nations

The United Nations is offering Foreign Students 300 Free Online Classes. In these programmes, students belonging to any country may enrol. Any particular academic experience is not required; candidates from any sector can participate in these programmes.

Check the given connection below to apply for the courses offered by the United Nations.


MOOC Free Online Courses (Free Certificates)

For international students, 500 free MOOC online courses are open. After these online courses have been completed, qualified students may also obtain a free certificate of completion. There will be no registration fee paid by any applicant when applying for these free online MOOC courses.

You’ll check the given link below to apply for these courses.

Free Coursera Courses

The Coursera platform provides foreign students 400+ free online courses. You have to pay a small sum for the courses offered by Coursera, except for certificates. If the applicants are unable to purchase the credential, they may fill in the Financial Assistantship. Coursera Credentials are commonly referred to as the planet’s Highest Rated Universities.

You’ll review the official link below to apply for Coursera courses.


UK Open University Free Online Courses

500 free online courses for international students are provided by the UK Open University. The courses are offered via the website OpenLearn. On the OpenLearn website, candidates can find several courses again there are no nationality restrictions; applicants worldwide are entitled to use these free online OpenLearn courses.

Check the official link mentioned below to apply for the United Kingdom Open University Free Online Courses.


British Council Free Online Courses

The British Council is offering scholars 250 free online courses . Note that qualifications in British Council Courses are not free; however you can participate in free-of-cost courses.

You’ll check the link below to apply for British Council Free Courses.


Google Online Courses

Google provides scholars with 250 training courses . These online courses can assist students in improving their talents, companies, and careers. Everyone needs world-renowned organisations to urge certification, so what are you waiting to enrol for Google Training Courses today?

Check the link listed below to apply for Google Training Courses.


Harvard University Online Courses

Most of you recognize about Harvard University; this is often one among the World’s Top-Ranked and expensive universities. Most of the student’s dream of getting admission to the present institute. thanks to the present ongoing pandemic situation, Harvard University introduced online courses for the scholars . the simplest thing they did is that they opened these courses for all the International Students. Free online courses are offered in all fields at Harvard University; use the link below for more information.


So this was the list of 2500 Top Free Online Courses 2021; we encourage all Male/Female candidates to use for these courses and learn some new skills. All the courses are often taken from the comfort of home don’t miss this chance must avail them.

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