5 Fast-Growing Jobs in 2023


Global inflation rates rose drastically over 2022. Consequently, living costs are at an all-time high, but wages aren’t; unemployment is also rising. Most people are searching for a job with flexibility, good pay, and benefits. Below, we’ll discuss fields that are most in-demand among employers right now. Some don’t require a college degree, accept online course certifications, and allow you to work from home. You can also check out the best companies in Houston if you’re on a job hunt.

1. Software Developer Quality Assurance Analysts

You can work from home using a laptop in this quickly expanding profession and earn up to $109,020 annually. Software developer quality assurance analysts get paid to fix app bugs and create and manage software tests to identify issues.

You will be involved in the entire process of developing a software program and may also need to work with programmers. This job differs from software developers as they build apps while software quality assurance analysts perform software tests to identify problems and learn how the software system runs. Companies usually require analysts to have a bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology or a related field, like engineering or mathematics.

2. Medical and Health Services Managers

This job is for you if you want to work in healthcare but would prefer a desk job. Medical and health services managers make, direct, and coordinate business plans for healthcare companies, doctors, and other medical professionals. Bachelor’s degrees are the minimum requirement for these jobs, but some places require a masters as well. These managers make up to $101,340 per year.

3. Healthcare Specialties Teacher 

Anyone who graduated with a bachelor’s in healthcare studies can become a health specialties teacher. This is a job for you if you enjoy teaching adults. Healthcare specialty teachers work in colleges and universities but some work in hospitals and trade schools too. Note that you’ll need to get certifications, such as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and a teaching license to work. 

4. Transportation Driver 

You can work as a transportation driver without getting a college degree. As evidenced by a 33% rise in booking in ride-sharing apps like Uber, this career is expected to grow more this year. Drivers can work part-time, with the flexibility of making money anytime they want by turning on the app. For a full-time job, you can apply to become a driver for a large company with job benefits.

A valid driver’s license is compulsory for this job, and you should work on having an excellent driving record to help you get employed quickly. If you want to work as a contractor for companies like Uber or Lyft, you’ll either need your own vehicle or a rented or leased one. While the job has a lower average salary than others mentioned, it offers much flexibility. You can work as a driver temporarily while studying or on the weekend to get some extra cash. 

5. Logistician 

The supply chain has been a rising topic in the last couple of years, increasing the demand for logisticians. Logisticians work with businesses and organizations in the manufacturing industry and the federal government to ensure that organizations proceed with the supply chain effectively. You will assist businesses in obtaining the materials they require to produce their goods, then see that they are delivered to customers.

Good organizational and coordination skills are must-haves for this job. You will need to create good relationships with transportation companies and suppliers. A bachelor’s or associate degree is often required for this job. 


Almost all jobs nowadays require a bachelor’s at a minimum, but if you don’t have the budget or time to get a degree, then you can learn skills online and progress in careers like software and design. The highest-paying and in-demand jobs currently are mostly in technology, marketing, or healthcare fields, but employers are rapidly realizing the importance of a well-rounded team. Make sure you keep improving your skills to stay relevant with the latest knowledge and technology and accelerate your career. 


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