For Every Blog Post You Write, Make a Reel About It!

Hey, bloggers. Did you know that you can also make social media reels about your blog posts for old and new readers to notice them on your page more? Reels can increase traffic to your blog post because they are an example of what’s called short-form content. 

In today’s fast-paced world, not many people have more than a couple of minutes to watch a video. This is why short-form content like 15 to 45-second reels are effective in showing information about the content you want to discuss. You get your point across in that short amount of time and point people to a source you created for more information. Then, this gives the content consumer the ability to read more about the blog topic after watching the corresponding reel when they have the time to do so. 

Go In Depth With Reasons in the Blog Post and Summarize Them in the Reel

As people read blog posts, they can pick and choose which sections they want to skim or read thoroughly based on how you word your headings. If you are doing a listicle, each category or reason in the list could have its own heading. This way, it’s easier to elaborate in each section as much as needed until the reader learns everything they need to know about that section in the blog post. 

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Let’s say for example that your blog is about the five reasons why slots are the most popular game in the casino space. You can be thorough with a few paragraphs in each section of your blog post explaining each reason for its high popularity in the casino gaming industry. The reasons you could mention in the blog post include:

  • How simple it is to play slots. 
  • The thrill and anticipation of watching where the slot reels land. 
  • Very low minimum bets so anyone of any income bracket can play the game.
  • The promotions and bonuses for new players on the casino platform.
  • Anyone can play slots as it does not require as much strategic thinking as other casino games. For slots, all you do is pull the physical or virtual lever and watch the reels spin to reveal whether you win your bet or not. 

Of course, when it’s time to make the corresponding reel to this blog post, you can’t copy and paste everything you said into the small video clip. Instead, have some catchy music and pictures or video content, and list what your headings say about each category in the blog post. In this case, it would be the headings for each reason that slots are the most popular casino games.

Going with the example above, you can have the text throughout the reel read:

  • 5 Reasons Slots Is the Most Popular Casino Game
  • The Game’s Simplicity
  • The Thrill and Anticipation
  • Low Minimum Bets For More Time Played
  • Slots Promotions for First-Time Players
  • Not As Much Strategy As Other Casino Games
  • Link for this blog post is in my bio.
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Point Your Followers to Your Bio

Most people on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok will point their followers to their bio at the end of their reels. This is the main marketing tactic that can get an influencer’s followers to support them more often. 

Update your bio every so often with a link to your most recent blog post so followers can instantly click on it to read after viewing your corresponding reel for it. Even better, sign up for an account on a website called Linktree. You can list your blog’s URL at the top and have your most recent blog link below it. This way, it groups all your important links into one area of your social media profile so that you do not have to update your bio multiple times per month. 

Refine Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Today! 

If you haven’t made corresponding reels to your blog posts today, go ahead and get started. Watch your content engagement soar as you incorporate more reels into your social media marketing strategy!

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