Why are escape rooms the best possible way of building an effective team?

escape rooms

There was a time when corporate team-building activities were done either by answering a few get-to-know-me questions inside the office building or under the heat of the Sun. These strategies were then considered highly effective but with time, they started getting predictable and dull. This is why,  today,  most offices resort to arranging a virtual event and ensuring that it will be sufficient in engaging their employees.

As a team leader,  if you are concerned about the lack of coordination among your team members,  or tried and tested method of addressing this dilemma would be to arrange an in-store or virtual escape room team-building session. Escape rooms have gained momentum due to several reasons and we are going to discuss some of them in this article. 

Escape rooms are extremely affordable

You must be aware of the fact that booking Avenue,  offering lodgings and food for an entire team throughout a weekend can be heavily expensive. But in the case of Escape rooms,  they will cost you much less and also take very little time to prove their effectiveness. You don’t need to book a hotel as your entire team will spend an hour escaping. Therefore, it can be safely said that conducting an escape room session for building a team is a cost-effective method of bringing your employees closer.

You can choose from multiple room themes

You get the opportunity to pick the right theme that you want your team to play. You might be aware of some common interests that your team members love. If most of them are interested in space adventures,  you can choose a space-themed escape room to make their experience better and more fun. Don’t forget to consider the skill that you want to uncover or unlock in your team members. For example,  if you want your team members to improve their concentration and focus on every detail,  it is better to choose a mystery-themed room.

Allows the  team members to communicate with each other

Do you think your team members are not habituated to chatting with each other or sharing ideas and techniques? If you want to improve their bond,  you have to include them in activities that enhance their communication skills.  when the entire team participates in Escape room team-building activities,  the players have no option other than speaking to each other about their ideas to solve the puzzle. Regardless of how silly or unusual the idea is,  it is definitely an entertaining one.

Works on time management skills

In Escape room activities,  the team members are given a maximum of 1 hour to solve the puzzles and escape from the room successfully. Due to the constraint of time,  players are motivated to make the best utilization of time so that they finish the game before time runs out. They can’t just afford to sit Idol for even a few minutes as they have to quickly decode the clues that are scattered all over the room. 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of engaging your team in Escape room activities,  try to arrange one to reap its advantages.

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