Top Built-In Google Games That You Can Play During An Outage

During An Outage

Do you miss games that were popular back in the day? Then worry not, for these are still present on your smartphone and all you have to do is dig them up if you want to play them. You don’t even have to worry if you are not connected to Wave Internet, for most of these can be played without an internet connection. Since most of the mentioned games below are true classics, they will bring up many memories for people, who have grown up playing these classic games. While these were usually present by default and required no external installation process, users never have to worry about installing these games from the app store online.

Hot Air Balloon

This android game is a favorite for so many reasons! In this game, the player has to reach the top. In doing so, he will have to cross several obstacles that are placed in his journey towards the top. Since the obstacles are impromptu, the player must learn to skillfully around them to avoid them as he moves forward. Meanwhile, the player needs to strike as many balls as he possibly can so that his position strengthens as his points increase! On the other hand, the player will receive multiple bonuses along the way, which will be in form of balls, in a motley of colors that turn up occasionally so that the player becomes immune to the hurdles that block his way to the top.

Although Hot Air Balloon has a very simple and basic user interface that’s quite easy to understand, the built-in Google Game is in black and white and looks quite outdated. The graphics of the game are neither sharp nor high-definition and at times, may have a sluggish flow, even when there is no internet. What is more, is that it conveniently kills time as the player doesn’t have to worry about anything else while he’s playing the game. Even though it may seem slightly slow and less advanced in comparison to other games, which are available today but this is still a great option, if there is an outage and you have nothing else to do.


This card game is another favorite and has been present on all the previous versions of Windows. The Solitaire remains a cult favorite, despite users transitioning from desktops to laptops to smartphones. The goal of the card game is very simple: arrange the deck of cards as per their suits, which are hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. Starting from Ace, which is the lowest, and moving up to the King, which is the highest, the player should not get stuck in-between games.

Before the game begins, the player is offered to choose between two different versions of this game: simple and advanced. The player can select the level as per his preference. The simple version is great for players who enjoy card games but have not learned the ropes yet. Whereas the advanced version is ideal for those players, who have various card tricks up their sleeve! There are also instances where players can undo their card moves in the game. Overall, this is a great game, that anybody would enjoy, especially if they are fond of playing card games.

Pac-Man and Snake

Both these games have been user-favorite for a very long time. The name of the game, Pac-Man, is after the main character itself. The character Pac-Man is trapped in a maze and he has to eat balls as many as he can if he wants to get out of the maze. His biggest obstacle is the ghosts that constantly haunt him and chase him while he’s stuck in the maze. The good part is that the pellets the main character eats, make him immune to the ghosts, who are after him. Therefore, the more pellets he eats, the more resistant he is towards the ghosts, and can even gobble them up if he wants to gather more points!

On the other hand, the game ‘Snake’ is kind of similar to Pac-Man. In this game, the player aims to feed the snake, as much as they can, without knocking down any borders. The points of the player increase as the snake eats more objects that come in the way, which makes the snake longer. However, a word of caution, the player has to be careful that in feeding the snake, he doesn’t get bitten by the reptile otherwise, it’s game over! 


In the early tech period, some of the most memorable digital games continue to remain popular among audiences. This one, Minesweeper is no different and has been on the list of offline games for decades! The layout involves a rectangular board that comprises square tiles in black and white. The player is supposed to open only those tiles that are safe and will give a number. These numbers are part of a pattern, which the player is supposed to guess to win. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. If a player opens a tile that has a mine underneath, then they lose. So players have to be very careful when opening a tile, otherwise, the game is over before it even begins! 


Since most of the above-mentioned games can be played without the internet, you can still enjoy them if there is an outage in your area! But of course, in order to download them from the app store, you need a stable and strong internet connection. BuyTVInternetPhone is the place to go for your internet needs!

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