What sites have been built with Node.js?

Websites Built with Node.js

The most popular companies that have used Node.js to build websites and applications. Where can I order Node.js site development services?

Websites Built with Node.js: Can You Be Successful?

Software development from scratch is a highly complex process that requires specific knowledge and a lot of time and money. In this case, various frameworks and libraries come to the rescue. Node.js is a program that turns the Java Script programming language into a general-purpose language.

Node.js provides the ability for Java Script to work with input and output devices and to use different libraries from the outside that are written by other programming languages, which provides a call to them from JavaScript code. Today we want to discuss site built with Node.js and their main advantages.

Some sites built with Node.js

This system has a positive effect on ensuring the productivity and functionality of websites whose task is to process a large amount of information and appeal to a massive audience.

Many companies have turned to Node.js to develop their websites because this program is the undisputed leader in technology and occupies more than 50% of the entire market.

Below we present some of the companies that have used this system.


It was founded by one of the most famous people in business – Elon Musk. This system makes it possible to solve many financial issues online for a vast audience. It allows you to conduct financial transactions (including loans) through bank accounts without exchanging financial information. Node.js made it possible to promote the company’s projects more quickly.


It is a top-rated platform that allows you to purchase with the discount certificates offered. Individuals and large companies can make purchases.


It is one of the most popular search engines on the Internet. It includes not only the search function but also mail, as well as many different services. The company has been using Node.js development on its websites for many years.


This service is engaged in user analytics – the degree of influence on them in social networks is determined. The analysis is performed using data from various social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others.

Wall Street Journal

This daily international newspaper focuses on business news, including financial and economic information. According to one of the owners of the Wall Street Journal, the Node.js system provided them with the necessary functionality in just a few days.


It is a site that allows a large audience to exchange information of a personal nature among themselves. Given the high demand and the number of users, with the help of Node.js, this site is able to function fully.


It is a platform that serves customers in the field of medicine (engaged in the supply of medical services), and its result aims to improve health.

Band Page

The Band Page allows artists to create personalized Facebook fan pages and hundreds of thousands of musicians to share music format files, videos, and photos.


This company provides many photos, videos, music, and tools to edit these files. Its database currently contains more than 255 million photographs, images, illustrations and more than 8.5 million video files and music tracks.


It is a social site for developers that provides its results and resources, engages in collaboration, and creates profiles. Firms share their engineering achievements with users who value heavy complex tasks for producing high-tech goods.



This platform serves as a tool for managing projects in many areas. This site needs to update at lightning speed in real-time, so I had to use Node.js, which allows you to connect to multiple servers simultaneously. It ensures timely updates.


It is one of the largest trading platforms that provide online buying and selling. Since the significant number of users using it led to slow loading and work, I had to use Node.js, accelerating the work and the platform’s access without delay.


It is a top-rated publishing site, now used by over 80 million people. When the number of users began to exceed 7 million, the Medium team decided to use this system so that the site could cope with such a load. And it was also necessary to provide for a further increase in the audience in the work of the site.

SECLgroup is the best assistant for website development

Before launching a site, large companies have a mass and tasks related to the functioning of their platform: site loading speed, processing large amounts of data, the number of users, and so on.

The development team has a qualified staff with many years of experience (working since 2005). Turning to them, your sites and platforms will be multifunctional and high-speed and allow you to have a massive audience of users. To solve any problem – an individual approach and website design are no exception.

Errors in the program are excluded because before launching, all of them undergo special testing to detect errors and inconsistencies.

SECL GROUP has already applied its professionalism in such areas as the food industry, medicine, construction and real estate, automobile production, finances and economics, education, advertising, household appliances, and much more.

Here are examples of successful cooperation with companies:

  • Mazda Motor – car manufacturing in Japan;
  • Recipe Plus – a wholesaler in the pharmaceutical trade in Latvia;
  • Thomas Cook Group (Great Britain) – the world’s largest travel company with offices around the world;
  • MCFER Media Group is an international publication that includes more than 100 magazines and websites;
  • PepsiCo is among the largest food and beverage manufacturers in the US and many others.

Today this team carries out projects for companies from 24 countries around the world. If you use the services of SECLgroup, your sites will be able to cope with any functional load, and it will be easy and convenient for the audience to use the site’s structure.

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