Can You Have Two Snapchat Accounts – A Comprehensive Guide

Can You Have Two Snapchat Accounts

Having two Snapchat accounts is simple in 2023. You can now install two accounts on one phone. Can you have two Snapchat Accounts? This article answers it in the best way. 

There can be a hundred reasons why you need two Snapchat accounts. 

For instance, you own a business. And you want a separate personal account. If you’re a social media manager, you should use two separate accounts. 

Also, if you want to view someone’s snaps anonymously, you can create a second account. It can be any reason. But you can still create a second Snapchat account. 

This article answers your various questions regarding:

  • Can you have two Snapchat accounts?
  • Will you be able to have two Snapchat accounts on the same phone?
  • Can you know if someone has two Snapchat accounts?
  • And, know more about Snapchat and dual instances

What is Snap chat?

Snapchat is a popular social media platform known for its ephemeral nature. Many users wonder whether it’s possible to have two Snapchat accounts. 

Can you have two Snapchat accounts on your phone?

Yes, you can install two Snapchat accounts on your device. And the best part is you can download it on any device.

social media

  • Smartphone
  • tablet
  • And, iPad

Unfortunately, there is no web version of Snapchat available. 

You should know these before creating a second account:

You cannot sign into more than one account at a time

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Create a second email account. This email ID will help make the second account. 

Snapchat is entirely different from TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. It doesn’t allow easy account switching to sign out of one account. The app asks you to log out first. And then you can sign into another account. 

To log into any account, you must enter your details again. This is when the “Remember me” button comes in handy. It will help save your details for automatic login. 

It is impossible to sign into two accounts at the same time. Hope you got your answer. Can you have two Snapchat accounts?

Moving ahead, learn more about other Snapchat-modified versions as well.

How do you know if someone has two Snapchat accounts?

You might be wondering if people will know about your second account. And, are the two accounts linked to each other? Will people see both of your accounts at the same time? Can you have two Snapchat accounts? 

Can You Have Two Snapchat Accounts

The answer is No. Nobody except the Snapchat staff will know about the account relationship. 

However, people can still see both of your accounts. They will not know who is using the two accounts. Also, nobody can tell if both accounts are active or inactive.

But, there are a few ways people might know the real user. The ways are:

  • Same username
  • Similar Bitmoji design
  • The account holder’s name

Therefore, keep these in mind while creating an account. 

What are the other modified versions of Snapchat?

Apart from “Can you have two Snapchat Accounts?”

You need to also know about the modified Snapchat Apps. Do you know about the mods or modified versions of the app? And what are their different features?

  • Do you want to log into two accounts at the same time?
  • Are you willing to save photos in chats?
  • Do you wish to trick people with your location?
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You can do all these with modified apps. A few such apps are:

  • Snapchat++
  • Phantom
  • Sneakaboo
  • Scotsman

Can you have two Snapchat-modified apps?

It isn’t safe to use such modified apps. You might face a few disadvantages after downloading them. Here are a few such downsides:

The usage of modified apps is against the terms and conditions of Snapchat.

  • Your account might shut down at any time without prior warning.
  • It poses a great risk to your security
  • Installing modified apps can lead to security breach
  • You can face security breach as an Android user
  • Your device will act unusual. Also, you might lose all your data.
  • Smartphones will lag more.
  • Think twice before downloading such apps.

However, there is a third-party app that you can use instead. It is much safer and legal. 

Can you use a safe third-party Snapchat app?

Can you have two Snapchat accounts without downloading modified apps?

Yes, you can download a second type of Snapchat account. All you need is:

  • Separate set of data
  • Separate account

This way your data is stored in a copy separately. You can use and switch to both accounts simultaneously. To use your account select a particular version. It can either be original or copied. 

One such app that provides you with this feature is Parallel Space. You need this app to create a second file of the app. And you can sign up for both accounts at a similar time. 

Parallel Space is a clone app. This way you can use two accounts on the same device. 

Download the app and use two accounts in one click. 

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After signing up for the app:

  • Enter the date of your other Snapchat account
  • And log in.

Should you have two Snapchat accounts?

It depends on you. 

If you‘re bored and want to have two accounts, go for it. However, have the cons and pros in your mind. When you have two Snapchat accounts you’ll face issues such as:


  • Constant juggling between accounts
  • Logging in and out multiple times
  • Creating two different Bitmojis for both accounts
  • Using modified apps and getting into trouble
  • You might even get banned by Snapchat.

You can use two accounts. But, do it at your own risk. It’s a highly time-consuming and difficult process. 

If you’re a marketer or social media manager, you can perform this experiment. See if you like using two accounts. And then make an informed decision. Hope you learned the major dos & don’ts from this article.


To conclude, yes you can have two Snapchat accounts. However, sometimes it is difficult to have various accounts. It can be confusing and frustrating to manage both.

However, with proper planning, you can maintain them together. It’s better to have a separate device (phone/tablet) to use Snapchat. This is the best way to use two accounts simultaneously. Nevertheless, you can download apps like Parallel Space. Such apps make your life easy. And, simplify the entire process. 


1. What are those android devices which have dual-app features?

You can use the dual-app features in your Android. These features are in-built such as:

  • In Samsung, there is a dual messenger feature
  • Xiaomi also has the feature to use dual apps.
  • One Plus has a Parallel apps feature. It’s the first smartphone to have this amazing built-in app.
  • Huawei also provides you with an App Twin feature.

2. Smartphones which does not have dual-app features?

Other smartphone manufacturers don’t have these in-built features. Motorola, Google, Vivo, and Oppo are a few such companies.

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