Discover the Top Amenities Waverley Station Has to Offer


Waverly Station is where travelers get to feel the heartbeat of the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. 

Sitting next to Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle, and the Princes Street Gardens, Waverly Station is the second busiest rail station in Scotland and is chock full of amenities, restaurants, and shops for its daily visitors. 

Travelers at Waverley Station can get to most of the major cities in Scotland and many other parts of England as well. 

Therefore, here are the other benefits that Waverly Station has waiting for its guests. 

Waverley Station Amenities

Maybe you are traveling to Waverley Station for the first time, or you live in the city but have never taken the time to explore this local gem, you will be apple to poke your nose into the wondrous aromas emerging from the many restaurants, whole staying on schedule for your trip with the free Wi-Fi access.

If you have been traveling through the night, you can take a shower after parking your bags at a luggage storage in Waverley Station after booking your belongings directly from your cellphone in order to not have to monitor your luggage every five seconds while traveling.

There are also no size limits for backpacks or suitcases, and all of this for an affordable price that includes $10,000 worth of coverage. 

Eating at Waverley Station 

After you have dropped off your bags, you can start your Edinburgh adventure with a cup of coffee or some breakfast at one of Waverley Station’s many dining choices waiting to assist you, such as The Bagel Factory, Caffe Nero, or The Pastry Shop.

If it happens to be time for lunch, you can make your way over to Waverly Mall for a delicious meal at The Booking Office restaurant and pub that offers some classic British fish and chips, black pudding, or haggis.

There is also their all-day brunch if it is in the PM hours and you still have a taste for eggs, sausage, and bacon. 

When dinner time emerges, then carry your appetite over to Brasserie Prince for a relaxed restaurant with French cuisine, Scottish produce, Scottish Rib Eye, the Isle of Mull Scallops, Brasserie Prince Gâteau au Chocolat for dessert, and the wonderful views of Edinburgh with the hills that surround the capital.

If you are in need of a quick pint of beer during the nighttime hours prior to reclaiming your luggage from storage, put your order in at The Beer House at Waverley Station as soon as you can. 

The Beer House can be found in the main foyer of the train station across from the information center and the ticket office. 

Exploring Around Waverley Station 

Waverley Station and the surrounding area are filled with tourist attractions and places to pick up souvenirs to take home to remember your trip to Edinburgh. 

Once you are ready to venture outside of Waverley Station, you can take a stroll through the Old Town to see the historic houses, charming boutiques, and lovely Victoria Street. Check out the Edinburgh Castle and if you have timed your arrival just right, witness the one o’clock cannon that is fired daily from the castle. 

You can go for a healthy hike to build up your immune system to keep from catching a cold by taking a trip up to Arthur’s Seat for some of the most awe-inspiring vantage points of Edinburgh. 

If you still have time for more visual stimuli, but you aren’t in the mood for any hiking, go get a look at a sunset at Calton Hill before you have to head back over to Waverley Station.

But don’t do that until you have been to Holyrood Palace, the official home to the Queen when she makes her journeys over to Scotland, with the chambers there also being home to the famous Mary Queen of Scots during her rule back in the 1500’s. 

It is amazing how many scenic sights of Edinburgh that you can stimulate your vision with while not even having to exit the Waverley Station in the first place. 

When it is time for you to leave, make sure that you don’t forget to reclaim your bags from the luggage storage at Waverley Station that you chose to ensure that it returns home with you. 

History of Waverley Station 

How far does the historical origin story of Waverley Station date back? The answer is way before anyone still living was born, and their parents, as well as their parent’s parents. 

Back in the 18th century is when the details of this architectural gem began.

The station is positioned between a valley that exists between Edinburgh’s medieval Old Town and the New Town. 

With high, vaulted ceilings and a stunning stained-glass dome over the main concourse that was added to the station in 1897, you get to enjoy the natural light gleaming in as you move through your day in a majestic metropolitan setting that has kept its history alive through proper restorations


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