How to Host on Twitch PC: A Full Guide

How to Host on Twitch PC

If you are here on this site to find out the process of hosting on Twitch, then we hope that you are already familiar with what Twitch is and what the platform is used for. The fact that you want to host on Twitch means that you are providing your platform to be used by other streamers and to enhance their channel and content as well. But, at last, how to host on Twitch PC? Well, the entire process is quite simple aa there’s not much you need to do and know for hosting. Here in this blog we’ll be going through the process of hosting on Twitch. However, before we began let’s take a brief look at what exactly hosting does and means on Twitch. 

What do you mean by Twitch Hosting? 

How to Host on Twitch PC

In simple language, Twitch hosting basically allows your channel to show some content even when you are offline. When you host on Twitch you allow other users to boost their own content and channel and you are the one allowing your channel to them for doing so. In a way it’s beneficial for both the streamers, as your audience will still be watching your channel even though you are not available online. On the other hand, the rest of the streamers take advantage and showcase their content on your channel to boost their engagement and audiences as well. So, in a way it’s like a win-win situation for you if you are the host and other streamers as well. With hosting on Twitch, you even open a door for more collaborations and potential prospects for your channels. 

Conclusively, this was about hosting on Twitch, but now let’s get straight to the process of hosting on Twitch and answer your question of How to host on Twitch PC?

How to host on Twitch PC?

The entire process of hosting on Twitch is quite simple and easy. Moreover, it is also not time taking, as there are only a few things that you are supposed to do and you will be all set. Before we begin with discussing the steps to host, you need to know that you can only host at your one channel in a specific time period and also you can host only 3 channels and that too for only half an hour. 

How to host on Twitch PC: The Steps to Follow

Below are the given steps to follow for starting hosting on Twitch on your PC. Also while performing the steps, you need to take care of what you fill, as Twitch does not give the option to autofill things like channel name. 

1st Step: Firstly, start Twitch on your PC in the browser and login. Once you login, you will see the icon of your profile on the right corner at the top of your screen. Click that icon.

2nd Step: Once you click the icon, you will get a drop down menu. In that select Channel and you will be redirected to the personal channel on Twitch.

3rd Step: Here you will see the option of Chat and once you click on it, a pop-up window will open. In that you write a command of /host. For instance, write /host XYZ. 

This will start the hosting on the channel and once you are done with it, you can just write /unhost. 

Wrap up!

Well, this was how to host on Twitch PC. All the steps that you need to follow are quite easy and quick. So, now you can easily go to your computer and start hosting on Twitch to have a good engagement on your channel and to also boost others’ channels as well.

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