Huawei Competition 2020

Huawei Competition 2020 | Huawei ICT Competition Middle East

It’s time to place those thinking caps back on again! Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd. Finally, in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the Huawei ICT Competition Middle East 2020 has been launched. This case, with the slogan ‘Connection-Glory-Future,’It is targeted internationally at undergraduate students. It aims to provide a forum to compete and connect with global ICT talent, encourage the development of high-quality ICT talent, and drive the growth of a strong ICT talent ecosystem.

Huawei understands that, thanks to the recent pandemic, there has been fear and a decline in morale.
Hence, students encourage these students to acknowledge their ICT skills and participate, from the comfort of their homes, during this Huawei Competition 2020. Huawei has ensured that these participants be given vast online learning material, including a mock test, to bring all students on an equivalent level. The 2019-2020 Huawei ICT Competition attracted some 120,000 students from 70 countries around the world last year. This rivalry has always been dominated by Pakistan, and this year will certainly be no exception.

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The drive and motivation for winning the Huawei Competition 2020 eligibility requirements are. This competition’s timeline starts with a preliminary test on 7th November 2020, which is an MCQ-based test that each one participants will take. Among all participants, the highest 500 students are going to be selected and trained personally by Huawei through online training. 150 students among these 500 will then advance to the national round, after which 6 students are going to be chosen representatives for Pakistan, as they compete regionally within the Middle East round.

There are many other perks of this competition, aside from the exposure these students will receive. The winner will receive 20,000 US$, to not mention all the opposite prizes for all the runner ups, including employment opportunities, Huawei mobile phones, and far more!

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Huawei aims to keep Pakistan’s youth well educated about the ICT and intellectual industries.
Equipped with the requisite futuristic ICT skills and capacity to become a neighbourhood of the
The Industrial Revolution, and direct it instead. For further information about this Huawei ICT Competition Middle East 2020, verify the information given below and apply it accordingly.

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Huawei ICT Competition Middle East 2020 Details

Country: All Middle East Countries

Host Organization: Huawei & HEC

Gender: Male/Female

Program Type: Virtual

Application Deadline: 5th November 2020

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Fields and Majors
In the Huawei Competition 2020, the following areas and majors are offered:
Cloud Computing and AI, with all learning
All participants are provided with the material online, so all fields and majors can apply for the Huawei ICT Competition Middle East 2020.

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How to Apply?
To apply for Huawei ICT Competition Middle East 2020, you would like to follow the subsequent steps:

To apply for the program, visit the link mentioned at rock bottom of the page.
Follow the “Competition Registration” tab of the page.
Complete the straightforward registration form through your Huawei account or email address/ mobile
phone number.
Send it via the activation email and enable the account.
Follow the training material link as given below to organize for the preliminary test.

Application Deadline
The last date for submitting a Huawei ICT Competition Middle East 2020 web application is the 5th From November 2020.



Huawei has been a worldwide dominant solution provider in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for a few time now. The Huawei Certification System is well-recognized and now becoming the quality for ICT in talent cultivation. Collaboratively, the Huawei ICT Academy program aims to develop 2 million ICT professionals and popularize digital skills over subsequent 5 years. This multinational company aims to steer within the world of technological developments.

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