Top 5 free Backlink checker you should be using

Backlink Checkers

Fact: becoming the amount one result on Google is just the most cost effective thanks to attract year-round traffic to our content. And to become the amount one result, quality content needs quality links. you can search Backlinks using Free Backlink checker.

Getting those new backlinks is all about:

Knowing your current links.
Finding link prospects.
Doing this without a tool is just not feasible, which is why during this article, I’ll re-evaluate the simplest Free Backlink checker tools available immediately .

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Summary: all-in-one backlink research solution (competition research, historical data, etc); free version available; analyze any number of internet sites .

SEO SpyGlass (I’m its developer) may be a backlink checker that’s built to mix the functionalities of all three previous backlink research tools.

It gives an in-depth view of the links you get: where they’re pointing, their quality, and standing code. At an equivalent time, SEO SpyGlass analyzes your competition, finding the so-called “link gaps” for you to take up .

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Say you’ve just published a bit of content. you’ll analyze similar content of your competitors to seek out websites that linked to them. you’ll then take the list of these backlink prospects and immediately contact them to urge a link to your own content.

The logic here is that if an internet site already placed a link to a few of individuals in your industry, it’s that much easier for them to also link to you.

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At an equivalent time, SEO SpyGlass boosts your research with historical data like what you’d get in Yandex Webmaster Tools. You get a graph with all of your backlinks acquired over the last year.

That way you’ll analyze the success rate of your link building campaigns, find potential new partners, and get in touch with the websites that have for a few reason deleted your links.

Even within the free version, you’ll create as many projects as you wish to research your websites and people of all of your competitors.

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Viable alternatives 2. Ahrefs free backlink checker
While Ahrefs’ paid backlink checker tool is about the foremost famous research tool on the market, its sample version isn’t quite as feature-rich.

It is severely limited as a free backlink checker, but it does show your top hundred links, also as top-five anchors and pages. Unfortunately, in its free version, sorting your links isn’t allowed, and therefore the data you get is sort of superficial.

It can work well for a smaller website if all you would like is to urge a general idea of how your website is doing, except for in-depth research, you’ll need supplementary tools.

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  1. Ubersuggest’s Free Backlinks tool
    Neil Patel’s free backlink checker is great if you would like to hop in and see how your backlink profile’s doing.

In a single dashboard, you get the general link profile, the link history of the page/domain, and therefore the breakdown of your links by new/lost.

The tough part is trying to travel granular together with your analysis. within the free version, you’ll only see 100 links at the most , which makes it tough to figure with for even a medium-sized website.

At an equivalent time, Ubersuggest offers no competitor analysis, which makes it difficult to conduct link building campaigns.

Summary: Free; clean and reliable data; no competitor research; requires DNS verification; analyze only your own website.

Probably the foremost important tool a marketer can have in their arsenal is Google Search Console. It doesn’t necessarily collect every single link your webpages have, but it collects all of the precious ones.

Any webmaster can use it after browsing a brief validation process, and therefore the data provided is beyond reproach.

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You get an inventory of inbound links you’ve got currently, and you get to ascertain which of them are of top quality , and which are “untrustworthy”. Those can hamper your rankings, and will , therefore, be disavowed.

You see, the scourge of any backlink checker is that the duplicates.

E.G. You run a backlink check on your new piece of content to seek out that it’s fifty backlinks — pretty good! that ought to bring you high rankings, right?

The problem is, once you go and analyze them link by link, it seems you simply have about thirty, with almost half the links shown to you — duplicate links, and people simply don’t do anything to assist your position in search.

This is what makes Google Search Console amazing: the info here is clean. Almost 90% of your “quality” links are going to be shown within the Console, and there’ll barely be any duplicates here. to research your website’s link profile, Search Console is one among the simplest sources.

Viable alternatives 5. Bing Webmaster Tools

There is a functional free backlink checker tool included, and therefore the data you get isn’t far behind Google’s own.

One benefit it’s over the Search Console is competition research.

In the tool’s dashboard, you’ll use the “Similar websites” menu to match your website up against two of your competitors. While there’s no thanks to automatically compare different link profiles to seek out the simplest link prospects, it’s still a valuable feature missing from GSC.

  1. Yandex Webmaster Tools
    While it generally offers an equivalent functionality as Google and Bing, Yandex Webmaster Tools has one particularly valuable feature up its sleeve, and it’s the dates.

For every link found by the Yandex backlink checker, there’s a date when it had been indexed by the tool, and when the link status was last updated.

What it allows you to do, in essence, is monitor your backlink history. rather than having separate Excel sheets to research all the new backlinks your pages have received, you merely get a graph indicating when your link building efforts are successful.

Summary: all-in-one backlink research solution; free trial available; link preview feature; highly customizable pricing.

Monitor backlinks, staying faithful its name, is devoted to backlink research. It’s probably the simplest tool for an off-the-cuff check-up.

It doesn’t require you to download anything or to verify the web site ownership. you merely log in, enter your domain — and you’re golden.

There is some data about the links you’re seeing, of course, like their trust and citation flows — that way you’ll find particularly high-quality links.

The problem here is that within the free version of the checker, the planning is purposefully obtuse. you’ll only browse about two links directly , which makes it wildly impractical for link building work, where you’ve got to watch many links directly .

The paid version, even in its cheapest incarnation, is completely functional and allows you to watch up to 2 competitors of your domain.

Viable alternatives 8. SEO Review Tools
Leveraging SEMrush’s impressive backlink data, SEO Review Tools hosts a free backlink checker. you’ll automatically find your competitor websites, assess your overall link profile, etc. But the standout feature is certainly the link building tool.

You can put within the keyword you’re targeting, and SEO Review Tools will come to you with specific search queries. You then put those search queries into Google, and obtain an inventory of internet sites that would be your new link building opportunities.

  1. Moz Free Link Explorer
    To the SEO crowd, Moz doesn’t need any introduction. Their free backlink checker requires you to check in for his or her platform, and reciprocally , you’ll run ten backlink checks a month. For each, you’ll only get around 50 results, though.

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This limitation of fifty results effectively makes this free backlink checker useless for an internet site that’s been around for a short time . However, for absolutely the beginners, it can work as a simple thanks to keep your hand on the heart beat of your link profile until you graduate to something more substantial.

  1. Linkody’s Free backlink checker

Summary: without additional functionality, backlink checker; usable only for casual look-ups; free trial available.

Linkody provides one among the simplest casual look-up services currently available. there’s a paid version of the software that you simply can test drive for free of charge , which is great for technical information and overall backlink research.

However, the free version also can be helpful if used along side other backlink checker tools. you’ll put in any domain, and obtain the precise number of backlinks they need , complete with a brief list of “top” links.

Its paid version is reasonable enough to justify the acquisition for any up-and-coming website looking to create their first 500 links, which is that the ceiling to what percentage links you’ll monitor with the tool at just one occasion .

Viable alternatives 11. Seobility
This free link checker’s better part is what it doesn’t do — specifically, it doesn’t bombard you with pleadings to shop for every few seconds. Its UI is clean and efficient.

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On the opposite hand, it’s little or no technical data on the backlinks you’re getting, so it’s tough to prioritize. But there’s competition research present (up to four competitors), and therefore the tool will crawl 1,000 pages and return to you with up to 200 results.

  1. Small SEO Tools
    True to the label, the abundance of single-use apps is supported by tiny SEO resources. Their backlink checker is merely viable for a fast search to understand the general picture of any domain’s backlink profile.

For any quite in-depth analysis, though, this tool doesn’t have nearly enough features.

Honorable mentions:
Backlink checker from Linkgraph: link check results available only after registration.
Sitechecker’s backlink tool — Ahrefs’ backlink data at a considerably lower cost .
CognitiveSEO link checker — enough data to urge the general picture, but not enough for in-depth research.
Promoting content is all about costs vs. Benefits. As of today, becoming favorite on Google is that the cheapest thanks to get the foremost traffic — every marketer should take up that.

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