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How Experienced Realtors Succeed with Real Estate Postcards


If you have worked in real estate for some time, you already know you cannot market properties or your business without  the use of postcards. Postcards create the links you need to generate leads and listings. If you don’t use postcards for marketing, it’s like trying to direct a canoe over a stream without a paddle. 

Increase Your Influence in the Real Estate Marketplace

By sending out postcards, experienced realtors send regular messages to their target audience. They can also keep their name and face in the local public eye. People get used to receiving the postcards and seeing the realtor’s picture and brand. That type of thing sticks in people’s minds. 

That’s why experienced realtors never overlook the value of getting into the habit of mailing out postcards. They do this, on average, bi-weekly or month. You might liken the activity to writing blog posts. You have to make it a habit. Otherwise, you’ll start losing your audience.

Find Postcard Marketing Solutions on Sites, Such as Wise Pelican

To keep potential clients informed about the real estate market and provide solutions for homeowners who wish or sell their home, realtors in the know depend on a site, such as Wise Pelican. By going to this type of online resource, they can get ideas and find templates for real estate postcard designs.

Why Real Estate Postcards Work

Sending out postcards is an affordable activity so experienced realtors make the most of it in their marketing campaigns. They succeed at using postcards  because sending out the mailings enables them to:

  • Target their market 
  • Remain in the public eye
  • Send direct or specialized messages
  • Support thei online presence by adding their email contact and web address on the postcards
  • Use postcard messages in social media comments
  • Share information about local listings and sales, open house events, and special offers

Experienced real estate agents know that postcards work – as long as they are regularly sent out and targeted to the agent’s demographic. They can always rely on postcards to keep homeowners informed about the local market and to provide buying and selling solutions.

Develop a Stronger Real Estate Team

By using the postcards, experienced real estate brokers can also develop a stronger real estate team. Each team member can work off the leads the postcards generate to list, sell, and represent buyers.

Also, each real estate agent can send out postcards that will assist them in their specific role – broker, listing agent, buyer’s agent, or seller’s agent. Postcards help experienced agents manage their business and listings and increase the effectiveness of the members on their team.

By using real estate postcards for marketing, all the members of a team can stay focused on their defined goals and responsibilities.

Increase Your Impact as a Real Estate Marketer

If you are a realtor who wishes to improve on their sales and marketing efforts, but do so affordably, you will find that you cannot create a marketing plan without using postcard marketing. Adding postcards in your marketing campaigns can make a big difference – both monetarily and professionally.

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