How to know if my business website needs SEO

my business website needs SEO

Appearing on search engines is fundamental to driving traffic to your site. You can significantly benefit from an SEO strategy to help your website be visible to the people searching for the products/services you sell.

When it comes to positioning your site on search engines, taking those sought-after spots on the first page is pivotal since people rarely go beyond the first page when looking for something. 

Below you will find why SEO is an essential aspect of any business.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is the digital marketing strategy of positioning your site in search engines through different techniques, from a keywords strategy to link building. A complete SEO strategy focuses on creating a site that it’s functional and preferred by Google algorithms. 

Algorithms take a lot of aspects into consideration to position a website on its first page, such as technical, quality, user experience, content, and links. 

There’s only a limited number of spots for that first page on the search engine results page; algorithms prefer those that are of higher quality. 

Out of the results on that first page, it is the first five results, the ones that usually get the users’ clicks. 

Even though a PPC campaign can help you position your site on the first page through ads, t’s becoming increasingly common that people prefer choosing results that are positioned organically within a page. Organic results are thought of by algorithms and users alike as more “trustworthy.” 

When someone is looking for an answer or searching for a particular doubt, they go for the first few organically positioned spots on the page. Rarely do users navigate away from the first page looking for the answer to their question, a service, or product. Leaving those sites on the second, third, fourth page, and so on into oblivion. 

Less than 1% of Google users click on the second page of results on Google because most people are using search engines to find a quick answer.

The point of having a website is for people to see it. With competition being as fierce as nowadays, your site competes against millions of other websites.  

Nonetheless, your business excels in aspects that others don’t, whether it is location, experience, or expertise in areas that can be highlighted through a search engine optimization strategy to help your business position. 

If you’re wondering if your site needs SEO help, keep reading and discover vital signs that can tell a lot about how your site is doing. 

You’re not getting enough traffic

Whether you’re an online magazine or a bakery, getting traffic to your blog means more views from the public. A magazine and a bakery site don’t require the same amount of traffic to consider an SEO campaign successful. Nonetheless, it is important to establish goals for the traffic your site requires every month. 

You’re not getting the traffic that you want

On the other hand, if you’re getting a lot of traffic, but it’s not coming from your desired audience, you’re probably targeting an audience that will do little to help you reach your business goals. 

If you’re a bakery in New York and most of your traffic is coming from Sydney, Australia, this will probably do little to improve your sales and branding within your desired audience. 

An SEO strategy can significantly help you target the traffic your business needs. 

If your traffic is sinking

Another common problem is that your site is performing well, has a good amount of your desired traffic, and then suddenly it takes a dip; this is a troublesome issue since it could mean any of the following:

  • Outdated content for which you are no longer ranking. In such a scenario, you need to update your content and improve its quality. 
  • Technical issues that are making your site unstable. Suppose this is the issue. You need to get your webmaster on it ASAP and get it up and running. 
  • A Google penalty is the most feared scenario out of all of them. A Google penalty can mean that you’re ranking lower than you used to or, even worse, that your site is no longer indexed or appearing on Google. You need to get one of the best SEO companies to get your site back on search engines. 

You have a high bounce rate

Having a high bounce rate means that people are going to your site but are quickly leaving it; you won’t have the conversions or engagement you’re looking for. 

Some of the causes of a high bounce rate could be:

  • Misleading titles, tags, and keywords. 
  • Bad web design. 
  • Slow downloading time.
  • Bad mobile optimization. 

Overall, a high bounce rate is strongly linked to a bad user experience, resulting in people leaving your site. One of the biggest problems with a high bounce rate is that many people are not forgiving, which means they’ll associate your website with a bad user experience and think twice before clicking on your site again.

You don’t know which keywords to aim for

Keyword planning is the basics of SEO; if you don’t have a set strategy in place, it will be hard to reach your business goals.

Maybe you’re a small business aiming for a short-tail keyword that can be too generic and too difficult to rank for; you would be wasting valuable resources aiming for that keyword. 

Nevertheless, you could rank for a long-tail keyword that maybe doesn’t drive in too much traffic, but the traffic to your website is from people who are actively looking for your services or products. 

Implementing a well-designed keyword strategy is of the highest importance when positioning your site online; you want to be seen for what you can offer.  

A search engine strategy will help your business be visible in one of the places people hang out the most in the digital sphere: search engines, where millions of searches occur every minute. Thus your business must be easily visible to potential customers. 

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