6 Fantastic Tips For Publishing Your Book

Publishing Your Book

Every writer wants their book to be a bestseller. But only a few of them manage to do so. Publishing a book is more challenging than writing. You will go through many ups and downs. 

This article shares six fantasy book cover designers tips for publishing your book. Following these actionable tips will make your publishing journey smooth as butter.

These tips will help you plan out your journey, and you can start following them even if you haven’t started writing out your book.

6 Useful Tips For Publishing Your Book

Publishing a book is a tedious job, and there are dedicated services that can help you accomplish this task. 

For example, Palmetto Publishing is one such service that empowers independent authors by helping them get their books published.

Nonetheless, for those who want to handle everything on their own, here are six tips for publishing your book.

1. Write a Book on a Suitable Topic

First, you have to identify the target audience and then start writing. Decide whether it will be fiction, nonfiction, or an academic book. 

Outline the main characters and create a step-by-step plan to complete the book. An outline will help you stay on track and organize your thoughts.

Some niches where books are performing well nowadays: are children’s books, adult novels, sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller.

You can choose any of the blooming topics or can write a book on a subject you have always wanted to. Once you identify your genre, explore what people are talking about and go through some bestsellers of your genre.

Moreover, if you are a university professor or looking to publish a book in an academic domain, you can do so. For instance, you can publish a book on programming in C++ after assessing the popular books in the market.

Try to find out how you can create a difference in your niche. You can scour the internet, blogs, and forums to get a clear picture.

2. Decide Method of Publication (Publishing House Vs. Self-publishing)

The second tough decision is the method of publication. You can try out the traditional way: follow the publisher for printing your book. 

Nowadays, you have various methods for publishing a book.

Publishing Houses:

It is a traditional printing method where you need to find a suitable publisher ready to publish your book. 

Look for the publishers who offer you designing, printing, and marketing in one place. You can also ask them for print on demand as it can save your time and money.


Self-publishing is getting popular these days. Many self-publishing platforms allow you to publish your book in ebook format and print on demand. 

Self-Publishing is for you if you’re tight on budget. Further, audiobooks are also a popular choice today. But it requires a voice-over artist or a narrator who can effectively speak your book’s content.

3. Get Your Book Proofread

You should refine your book before it reaches the publishing house. Before you hire a professional editor to edit your book, you should edit the manuscript yourself once. 

It can be challenging for writers to notice faults in their own work. Therefore, when you’re done, give the book another perspective. Find an experienced and skilled editor to do the job. 

An editor will be thoughtful and suggest edits wherever required to make your book more engaging.

You may send copies of the manuscript to your family members and friends to get overall feedback on the book. 

4. Select A Relatable Cover Design

Here’s the deal: people do judge a book by its cover! 

The book’s cover design will be the first visual readers will notice while visiting book stores, marketplaces, or any other place to buy a book. 

It helps them identify the book’s genre, tone, and content. Therefore, it’s worth investing some money in the book’s cover design. 

You can hire a professional cover designer to help you create an eye-catching design.

5. Build and Join Writing Communities

Start building communities a few months before publishing your book. 

There are many methods to create a community online and offline. You may take help from Facebook Groups, Quora, Reddit, and blogs if you consider online methods. 

Make sure you create a community of people related to the genre of the book who are genuinely willing to know more about your book.

And you can attend book events, talk to other authors, and attend public gatherings. Remember creating more hype will eventually result in better sales. 

Ask your friends and family members to read the book and recommend them to others. Communities will also help you if you plan to write another book in the future.

6. Focus on Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you’ve been through the writing, designing, and publishing aspects, the last phase comes. It’s time to market your book. Your next task will be to find potential readers and let them know about your book. 

Begin by making a proper marketing strategy to accomplish the task. 

Online platforms like social media, forums, blogs, and websites will be an affordable option to market your book. You can reach a broader range of readers via online platforms. 

You can also ask bloggers, book reviewers, and influencers to review your book. Running advertisements and starting a podcast can be some of the additional options. And if you’ve published your book via a publishing house, list the book on online book platforms, such as Goodreads, to boost your sales.


By now, you know how to publish your book. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a traditional method or self-publishing for publishing your book; your content will eventually speak for itself. Content is the king in the writing industry. 

Follow these six tips mentioned above for self-publishing your book. And know that it’s going to be complicated. Remember: success doesn’t come overnight. So, keep promoting your book regularly. 

If you follow these actionable steps correctly, you’ll achieve your objectives soon.

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