The Friendship Cup that was not so friendly

Before the beginning of each football season, squads try to prepare themselves by playing a lot of friendlies. Right now, you can make your online bet with 1xbetbd.com, which even allows wagers on friendly matches.

Many of those contests are played within the context of a cup. However, those tournaments have no major relevance, as after all, they are simply considered friendly matches with a name.

There are a few moments whe these tournaments have names that can end up looking quite “ironic”. That’s exactly what happened on the 8th of June 2008. On that day, Chilean football teams Coquimbo Unido and La Serena played a friendly that was known as the “Friendship Cup”. Currently, with 1xBet you can make your online bet also on the Chilean football competition. As it will be seen, this is a name that didn’t exactly reflect what happened on the field.

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A heated derby

It is necessary to put things in context. La Serena and Coquimbo are teams that are based in cities of the same name. These two cities are located right next to each other. For this reason, a heated derby has emerged in the most recent years. You can download 1xBet mobile app to start betting on those entertaining derbies from the comfort of your phone.

Many of the matches between those two squads have ended in huge brawls and scandals. Even some matches that were deemed as “friendly” ended in such a way, which of course, is quite an irony. Those who have smartphones or tablets can download the mobile app of 1xBet to start wagering on those kinds of football contests.

No friendship at all

The reason why a heated derby has emerged between those two squads is not just because they are located very close to each other. Across history, Coquimbo has been seen as a more “working class” city, while a stereotype of La Serena is that “rich people” live there. The www.1xbetbd.com/live website also allows live wagers on those two teams.

Both squads were going to play the so-called “Friendship Cup” on the 8th of June 2008. As said before, things were anything but friendly. Coquimbo quickly scored two goals to put things 2-0. However, in the last 20 minutes La Serena fought back and managed to put things 2-2.

Many fans and players from La Serena started to provoke their Coquimbo counterparts. Let’s summarize what happened later:

  • after a violent foul, one of Coquimbo’s players got a straight red card;
  • a huge brawl started, and five players got red cards, three from Coquimbo and two from La Serena;
  • fans invaded the pitch and tried to attack each other;
  • finally, many people ended up arrested, even some players.

As it can be seen, those matches can’t exactly be called “friendlies”. Yet, they are excellent events to wager on at the 1xBet website.

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