The Destin Seafood Festival: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the famous events that happen in Florida and specifically in Destin is the seafood festival. This event usually happens in October during the first weekend. As a result of its popularity, people from all over the country travel to experience the craziness of the event and taste some authentic and amazing seafood varieties from different vendor stalls. The city is also termed as the world’s luckiest fishing village and it is something which is celebrated during the event. So if you are wondering what exactly is Destin seafood festival and why it takes place and how you can go to it, then you are at the right place as will be discussing all of the things

Background Information of  Destin Seafood Festival

The Destin Seafood Festival or event initially started during the late 1970s and the main motive behind it was to aid the fishing industry in the town. Destin Charter Boat Association Women’s Auxiliary members were mainly responsible for bringing people to the place and developing their interest in the fishing industry. At that moment, the event was filled with a variety of foods, even craft booths, including children’s activities. Later on, other committees also entered into developing this festival and now it has become so big that it acts as a landmark event in the current time. However, in the past five decades, it was only canceled a few times.

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When and Where it Happens?

As the name suggests it happens in Destin and it usually happens in the month of October during the first weekend. This year in 2023, it was held on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of October and the opening night was on the 6th of October at 4 PM. Also, the event takes place from morning to night.

How to enter the Destin Seafood Festival?

There are no such fees that you have to pay if you want to attend the festival. However, if you want to eat something or purchase something, then for that you need to spend your money a little bit. However, you can stroll and take a walk as much as you like in the event and enjoy the views and activities going on. However, there are certain competitions that are happening on the VIP level in the event, so if you want to take part in those types of events, then you can definitely pay the entry fees for these types of competitions and enjoy them. Paying may also upgrade your experience of trying different seafood samples. So, if you want to take full leverage of the event, then you may have to pay at a time.

Activities and Food

As the name suggests, the event is full of amazing seafood dishes that are found in the city. In the event, you will get a number of restaurant stalls and a variety of seafood vendors. You can eat and taste a plethora of fishes and other seafood dishes that is famous in the city. Once you enter the event, you will be mesmerized by the smell of a number of yummy and delicious dishes. 

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Besides food for adults and kids, there are other fun activities present for kids. There are craft stalls in the event, that your kids can enjoy. Moreover, there is a separate kids zone present in the event that includes different games and fun activities specially designed for kids only. There is a pony ride, toy train, and many more rides available for the kids.

Where to park in the event?

If you are taking your own vehicle then it can be a bit tricky to park at the venue. So the best solution is to park nearby at the parking lots available. 

What to do in the event?

The main objective why this event is to make people appreciate the culture and let the visitors enjoy it. Visiting Destin at this time is an opportunity to experience the place in a completely different way. If you visit the city at the event time, you can definitely go to the event to taste the authentic food and different varieties of seafood in one single place instead of going to different restaurants. As you can go with your family or friends, you can sit together and enjoy the fest by eating, playing games, attending activities, and more.

Wrap Up!

Destin Seafood Festival is all about celebrating the city and its fishing industry. Since it has been celebrated for the past many decades, it has now become bigger and a tourist attraction as well. You can go with your friends or family to enjoy the event and even take your kids as they offer different kids’ activities. So, this was all about Destin Seafood Festival and we hope we have answered all your major doubts. 

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