Can cats eat beans: The facts and risks

can cats eat beans

Being a cat parent is not that easy. It may sound fascinating to pet a cat and experience all that cuddling and fun, but when it comes to their health, you have to take care of them as a child. Since you cannot eat everything that you can eat, similarly cats cannot eat whatever you want them to eat. This makes us ask the question “Can cats eat beans?”. To answer in short, “Yes” they can eat beans, but not that they need to. Moreover, if you are giving your cat beans, then there are some specific things you need to know. Well, here we are going to almost everything that you should be aware of. 

Can cats eat beans? The question remains

You may think that beans do wonders for us as they contain high protein and are beneficial as well. However, for cats they are not of that much benefit as you may think. But to answer, can cats eat beans, then of course they can. However, they can have beans of specific quantity and quality as well. Since they do not act as a high protein provider to cats, it’s not mandatory to include beans in their diet. 

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Even though beans provide protein that is good for us, this protein is not that much needed by cats. Since they are carnivores like dogs, they do need animal protein rather than plant-based protein. However, beans are not considered as toxic or hazardous for cats as long as you are serving the right beans to your cat and that too in the right way. But, it’s said not to give your cats beans on a daily basis or often.

Some facts to state for can cats have beans

Even though beans are not toxic, it does not mean that you should include beans in their day-to-day diet. If we compare our digestive system to a cat’s, then it’s a whole lot different. In terms of proportions, a cat’s digestive system is shorter because they are carnivores and they are designed to process food obtained from other animals only. Plus, it is not mandatory for cats to have a balanced diet with certain proteins, nutrients, and other things. 

You can surely give your cat beans as a snack from time to time, but they will not provide any nutritious value to them as they do to us. If your cat has a diet planned from a veterinarian, then it’s definitely recommended to consult with the vet before adding beans to your cat’s food.

Overall, indeed beans are highly nutritious, but for cats they are unnecessary as they don’t give any benefit to them. Being filled with proteins as well will not provide any protein to cats who are designed to process protein gained from meat. 

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Risk factors for cats eating beans

Despite the fact that beans are healthy for us to consume in any way, they are not for cats. Still the answer to- can cats eat beans stays yes, but the fact that they do not provide anything to cats makes it a fact. 

Speaking of risk factors, since beans are unnecessary for cats, they can cause certain side effects if not given properly. This includes building of gas, vomiting, and other digestion related issues. 

The safest way to make your cats eat beans is to cook them plain and never give them raw beans. Also, do not add any kind of seasoning such as salt, spices, or other sweeteners. 

Well, let’s take a closer look at some more things to understand what beans to give your cats and what not.

Cooked Beans: Can cats eat it?

Yes, it is the best and the safest way to provide beans to your cat. But do not add anything else to it, because then it may make your cat digest it badly. Also make sure that beans are cooked thoroughly.

What about raw beans?

It’s a big NO. You should never give raw beans to cats. 

Canned Beans? Can cats eat it? 

Canned beans are not considered safe for cats because of the seasoning and other preservatives like salt it may contain. 

Can we give cats green beans? 

Yes! You can give you cars black beans and green beans as well. But make sure to cook them properly and plain. 

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What about uncooked or half-cooked beans? 

Indeed No. Never give uncooked or half-cooked beans to your cats if you care about them. 

Wrap Up!

To finally wrap up the blog, we would answer the question that states can cats eat beans, then yes they can. However, as we covered in the blog that they should only eat it occasionally and that too properly cooked and plain. Even if you don’t give your cat beans, nothing will happen, as they don’t have any nutritious value for cats.

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