How to Clean Outdoor Rug: Ways to Clean It Right!

how to clean outdoor rug

To state a fact, it is true that outdoor rugs can enhance the beauty of your house. It does wonders for making your house look more elegant and decent. However, maintaining an outdoor environmental condition can be a difficult task as it needs regular maintenance along with cleaning. Sometimes people may even take help from professionals to get their rugs cleaned. However, this is not possible at all times. As a result, it’s better to know a few tactics which will help you to clean outdoor rugs by yourself.  In case you’re wondering how to clean out a joke, then we have got you covered in this particular blog. 

But before we begin with the ways by which you can clean an outdoor rug, let’s understand why it’s necessary to clean an outdoor rug.

How to clean outdoor rug: Simple Six Steps to do so!

Step 1: Remove the debris or dust

Before we begin with a harsh cleaning of the rug, make sure that you remove the loose dust and debris first. So pick up your rug, if it’s lightweight and easy to pick up, shake it hard to get rid of all the dirt and dust stuck to it. With this method you’ll experience a lot of sneezing if your mouth is not covered and your rug is dirty. So, cover your face before shaking the rug off. To remove the loose dirt, you can also use some brush with soft bristles. Once you don’t see any dust on the outside, move on to the next step. 

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Remove the debris or dust from carpet
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Step 2: Vacuum it if needed

Once you have got rid of the loose dirt from your rug, it’s time to grab a vacuum and run it on your rug. This will pick up the dirt and debris stuck on the rug which you couldn’t shake it off. Also, with the help of the vacuum, make sure that you clean both the sides of the rug so that whatever dirt is trapped, trapped in it can come to the surface easily.

how to clean outdoor rug
Image Credit: Big Red Carpet Cleaners

Step 3: Wash it using a hose

The Next step that you need to do is to wash your rug. Now, either you can use a garden hose or any other hose that is used to rinse and clean a rag. However, make sure that before washing a rug with the help of a hose, you pre-rinse it. Once you’re all set to wash your rug with the help of a hose, place it on a sloping surface which will help the dirt to wash away very easily. One of the alternatives that people definitely use for a garden hose is a pressure washer, but if you are using it make sure that you use it on a lower power setting. When you apply some pressure of water on the rug, all the buildup dirt and debris will wash out. Once it is done, you are ready to move onto the next step. 

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Step 4: Select the right cleaning supplies

Once you are done with rinsing your rug with the help of a hose, the next step is to use the best soap or detergent for washing your rug. When you Are purchasing the cleaning supplies for your rug, make sure that it does not contain any harsh chemicals which can damage or make the quality of your rank less attractive. 

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how to clean outdoor rug
Image Credit: The New York Times

Moreover, nowadays in the market, you can easily find some environmentally friendly or eco-friendly detergent, which you can definitely use for washing rugs. Once you have the best detergent or cleaning supplies, you can start washing your rug with the help of the detergent. Spread the detergent on both sides of the rug and scrub the entire area with slight pressure to make sure that all the corners and places are reached. You may also use a soft bristle brush for scrubbing and making the language. However, avoid excessive rubbing as it may weaken the fibers, or may result in decolorization as well.

Step 5: Rinse the rug

Let the soap be soaked in for a while. Once you think your rug is washed properly, start rinsing it again thoroughly. Make sure that you rinse the rug with hose to remove all the soap from it. When the soap is completely removed from the rug, rinse it for the last time and hang it somewhere safe. 

Image Credit: Land of Rugs

Step 6: Let it dry

When you have washed the rug thoroughly and there are no traces of soap or dirt, let it dry for a long time. You can either lay it flat on a clean surface to dry outside your house or hand it on a fence or on a washing line. 

how to clean outdoor rug
Image Credit: Young House Love

When the rug is completely dried, you may treat it with a textile protector, which will further protect your rug from staining and from catching other elements as well. 

So following these steps will allow you to clean your rug in the right manner which is safe and efficient as well. Ensure that you keep a few things in mind 

  • Also remove the loose dirt by shaking, brushing, or using vacuum
  • Rinse it with a garden hose or a pressure washer at the lowest pressure
  • Use good and safe detergents to clean the rug
  • Rinse the soap thoroughly 
  • Dry it properly
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Wrap up!

Outdoor rugs always generate a first impression on the person who sees your house. If that is dirty, then the impression is not good. So, if you own an outdoor rug, make sure to clean it and maintain it properly. We hope that in this blog we have guided you effectively on how to clean outdoor rug. All the steps covered in the blog are quite important to make sure you clean it in the right manner. So now don’t wait for your rug to get dirtier, wash it now! 

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