Hearthstone Esports : One of the most popular Esports games today

Hearthstone Esports

Hearthstone esports is one of the most popular games today. It is a card game brought by Blizzard Entertainment. The objective of the game is to defeat your opponent with different types of cards and combinations. Hearthstone Esports can be played online against other players or AI bots. Hearthstone is a turn based game which means each player gets an opportunity to take a turn and play a card. The cards can be minions, spells or anything which has a value in the form of mana points(mana pool) that can be used to summon any entity from hand to battlefield.  

One of the main Hearthstone esports tournaments is the Global Games. This tournament brings together different countries, regions and players to come up with an ultimate team that will represent them in this tournament. The best part about hearthstone esports is that all the participating teams are chosen through open qualifiers which gives a chance for everyone to show their worth and be included in the ultimate team. 

About Hearthstone Esports Tournaments:-

The tournament starts with an eight-team round robin phase where every team will play against each other once. The top four teams will progress to the next stage of the tournament which is a four-team single elimination playoff bracket. The winner gets $150,000 and bragging rights while the runner up gets $60,000.

It is a valuable source of entertainment for a lot of people. I’ve been into esports for two years now, and I have to say that the developments in the scene have been absolutely amazing. The number of tournaments has increased dramatically, and almost every day there are competitions going on ranging from small online cups with a few hundred dollars in prizemoney to big offline events that have a prize pool of more than $100,000. I love watching the matches and seeing how professional players adapt their playstyle for different events and matchups. A lot of time these people are streaming so they can provide insight into the strategy they use and how they think about the game as well as entertain their audience. I also enjoy playing competitively, albeit not at that high level. It is just really fun to play matches where every decision matters and you can often win or lose based on your tactics and ability to outplay your opponent.

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Players of Hearthstone Esports:-

The players of the most popular esports games are becoming more and more like professional athletes. They get paid salaries for playing on popular teams, they compete in big tournaments all over the world, they get a lot of fan interaction through streaming and a lot of them even have a salary to work as a full-time pro player. While this might not be their main source of income, it surely helps them to ease their way through life and focus on something they truly enjoy. 

This tournament is one that brings together different regions, countries and players to come up with an ultimate team that represents their region/country in this tournament. The best part about it is the open qualifiers which gives everyone a chance to show their worth and be included in the ultimate team of their country or region.

The last stage of this tournament is a live event where players battle it out to prove who the best Hearthstone player really is. They go through a seven round single elimination format. The first round being Bo5, second being Bo5 and the finals being Bo7. This ensures that both players are playing with the same decks unlike in most tournaments where players bring their own.

Although this is the finals, both the semi-finals and quarter finals are also Bo7 which ensures that teams have to make sure they play well on all rounds. This gives no advantage to either team since they will be playing it out till the end and will not have any chances to come back. 

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Talking About the Prize pools of Hearthstone Esports:-

The prize pool for this tournament is $300,000 and the winner gets $80,000 while the second place get’s $60,000. The prize pool definitely looks good and so far it has been doing well with a Twitch viewership of around 100-200k for some of the matches.

Hearthstone esports is a very exciting game to watch and I suggest everyone who enjoys games like poker, magic or other card games should definitely give it a try!

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