Beach Cake Strain

Beach Cake Strain

For beach wedding, people may want to make everything befitting that fun and happy atmosphere. That is why beach cake strain deserves a spot in your menu. It helps you achieve the perfect mood for a beach wedding and be ready to enjoy it with your friends and family.

This marijuana plant is called as such because it gives users the feeling of being on the beach. This can also be attributed to its smell which is quite similar to that of vanilla or coconut.

It’s smell is not its only distinguishing feature but also its feel when touched which reminds you of something sweet like cake icing or butter cream frosting, hence the name ‘beach cake’.

The beach will let you forget about your worries or troubles if you are having such.

Beach cake combines two popular strain types. One is called Blueberry and the other is called Green Ribbon, which were mixed by a breeder from northern California named Subcool.

It has a fruity/berry flavor due to its sweet smell and taste because of being a hybrid. It has potent cerebral effects which contain a distinct sativa high similar to that of a Bubblegum strain’s but with an alertness and energy boost thats only found in sativas. This makes it ideal for daytime consumption but not advisable for nighttime use since you will not be able to sleep because of it.

This marijuana plant can grow up to six feet tall. Its leaves are mostly dark green except for some purple leaves towards its bottom part while its buds are covered with white.

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