7 Best Online Learning Platforms for Students

7 Best Online Learning Platforms for Students

Due to the high demand for Online Courses lately, we’ve come up with 7 Best Online Learning Platforms for college kids. Are you guys feeling unproductive during this COVID-19 situation? Don’t worry; we’ve brought something productive which can assist you guys in sharping your skills and can assist you in gaining some extra knowledge or develop artistic powers, you’ll achieve all this by attending the web courses offered by the 7 Best Online Learning Platforms.

Our platform always recommends students don’t sit idle during this Pandemic Situation learn some new skills which will assist you within the future. we’ve posted many Free Online Courses offered by Top Organisations and Institutions students can make most of it if you would like to see them also you’ll visit Phdcoding.com at any time.

This is the proper time to register yourself in these online courses and develop new skills. For furthermore information about the 7 Best Online Learning Platforms for college kids checks the provided details below.

7 Best Online Learning Platforms:

Following are the 7 Best Online Learning Platforms for the International Students:

  1. Udemy
  2. Codeacademy
  3. Pluralsight
  4. Skillshare
  5. Coursera
  6. Future Learn
  7. Edx

Let’s have a quick discussion on each platform mentioned above to form things easy for you.


UDEMY Online Learning platform offers about 100,000 Online courses to International Students during a diverse range of fields which incorporates Design, IT, Marketing & Business, and far more.

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The courses offered by UDEMY aren’t freed from Cost, but you’ll also not say classes are too expensive; they’re priced as low as 20$ only. UDEMY courses are offered in many languages, which may be a very plus point; International Students from all round the world can easily enroll in it.

Signup UDEMY

2.Code Academy

Do you have an interest in IT? does one want to find out coding stuff? If Yes, then Code Academy is that the right place for you. On this platform, you’ll start at any experience level to find out basic Html/CSS, Javascript, Python, and far more.

With the assistance of those courses, candidates would be ready to build websites, apps, and can have an honest grip on coding.

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The Pluralsight platform is offering Online Courses in several fields like Business, IT, and Data security. Candidates curious about these fields can use this platform.

The courses offered by Pluralsight aren’t freed from Cost, but the paths aren’t expensive also , rock bottom plan typically starts at 29$ per month.

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Skillshare may be a platform developed for artists. Thi online platform help students in several creative pursuits, like Drawing, Painting, Photography, Creative Designs, and far more.

The courses within the Skillshare platform are taught within the sort of video classes, which is free. I repeat free. The platform is additionally offering a premium subscription provide you with can check in and obtain two months of premium subscription for free of charge .

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Coursera Online Learning platform offers a good range of courses offered by Top Organisations and Top Institutes. The 2000+ Online Courses are available in Coursera; you’ll find almost every field on this platform.

Some of the courses offered in Coursera are freed from Cost, except for some classes, you would like to pay the value of the courses may vary.

Coursera courses also include:

Google’s Python crash program .
The Science of Wellbeing
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6.Future Learn

Future Learn one among the simplest Online Platform for the scholars it includes all quite fields including Business, Art and Media, History, Humanities, Health Care, and far more.

A yearly subscription in Future Learn provides versatility to intake any course at your own pace; all the courses offered in Future Learn are self-paced such as you aren’t sure to take a course on specific timing.

Top world organization and Institutions host the courses on this platform.

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The Edx is one among the foremost popular online platforms; Edx is offering courses in almost every academic field. On the Edx platform, you’ll find 2500+ Online Courses for International students.

Their following top partners provide the courses offered within the Edx platform:

Edx platform also offers Certificates and micro degrees on the completion of the course. Edx is additionally offering Free 2500+ Free Online Courses | Edx Courses with Certificates.

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So these are the 7 Best Online Learning Platforms for college kids to develop new skills we encourage all candidates Male/Female to use for these Online Courses and make your these Holidays productive.

The above mentioned 7 Best Online Learning Platforms are covering almost every field; everyone can participate.

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