WestStein checking account: open in 5 minutes

If you want to shop safely online and stay within your budget, you should consider opening an account online. With this account, you can make transfers, make all kinds of expenditure payments, and also see the receipt of funds. A portal for WestStein users and a mobile application will allow you to control the movement of funds in your online account wherever you are.

How to quickly open an account?

Creating an account is extremely easy. To do this, you need to go through a simple registration online and after 5 minutes you are the owner of an individual online account.
After opening an online account, within a few minutes you will receive your virtual card. You can also link up to 3 Mastercard prepaid cards to this account.

Open a current account for free

Opening an online current account provides not only for all kinds of monetary transactions, it can be used to receive wages in euros. Therefore, if you have regular receipts of payments from remote work, then a salary account will be extremely convenient for you.

Opening a current account free of charge is necessary for those who plan to carry out:
transfer of funds to other cards;
replenishment by money transfers;
receiving and sending SEPA payments;
no overdraft, which eliminates the overspending of personal funds;
secure online shopping.
It is possible for you to open an IBAN account on the Internet free of charge. Moreover, it should be noted that the currency is provided in EUR. The service charge is quite low, just a few euros, and there is a low fixed fee for cash withdrawals. You can top up your account online by transferring funds from another WestStein card or by SEPA transfer.

Free online account

The free online account offers the following features for ease of use:
make online purchases in different countries of the world;
receive monetary compensation for the work performed or other incoming payments;
make outgoing SEPA payments;
using a mobile application, control the movement of funds in your account.
With a secure online account, you don’t have to worry about the security of your funds.
WestStein provides excellent service and comprehensive support to our customers.

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