The new trend is to be a digital nomad

In our current digital era, the whole environment is changing, so much so that it is even getting to the point of also undergoing digitalization in our day-to-day environment. Lately, you only hear people talking about a new mentality: becoming a digital nomad. A trend that is happening increasingly as every day passes, technology and digital transformation push you to embrace this idea of being a digital nomad. 

However, few people, especially the older generations, do not know exactly what it is to be a digital nomad. The name itself already provides a clue as to its nature. Being that it refers to someone who lives in the digital world, benefiting from new technologies in their daily lives. Meanwhile, being a nomad refers to the fact that they are constantly traveling, never being anchored to a city. 

It is a metaphorical concept of being a nomad; those who are digital nomads are people who use the Internet as their livelihood. They work in the digital world, either with e-commerce, teleworking for another company or as a content creator on digital platforms. 

Characteristics of digital nomads

Digital nomads, however, have a different mindset; otherwise, they would not be able to lead this lifestyle. They need to be open, responsible, courageous and clear that it is a long-term change in life. Because being a digital nomad does not stay rooted in the workplace, it is in constant movement, being people who live in the present and try to enjoy the most out of it. 

On the other hand, they are people without a fixed place of residence, not tied to having to go to the office for a 9-5 work timetable, allowing them to travel and move freely. Many of them decide to live temporarily in other countries; exotic destinations are the most popular for the experiences they offer. 

One of them is Thailand. Here, digital nomads can enjoy endless activities and gastronomy that are gradually becoming more and more widespread. Another country that is increasingly adapting to digital nomads is Saudi Arabia. Online jobs in this country are becoming more and more common. For example, online casinos in Saudi Arabia have classic games such as American roulette, among other games. They can also play through a VPN to maintain their safety, anonymity and bet on big bonuses. In addition, beyond playing against the machine, online casinos are increasingly looking for croupiers to offer live games. This is where digital nomads can opt to work in the country.

Finally, apart from being free because they can move around without having to worry about the job since they can perform it anywhere as long as there is Internet, they also have different business models. Not all digital nomads follow the same business model, as each chooses the one that best suits their needs and lifestyle. Being a nomad is also responsible for choosing the most effective type of business for your particular situation.

Types of business for digital nomads

The first model is one of the best known, that of the freelancer, which would be the equivalent of self-employed. They work on different projects at their own pace and look for projects that catch their attention. For example, many businesses want to know if their website needs SEO Services. Once they know it, they look for a freelancer. So, they sell their services so that companies or individuals hire them. Moreover, it is an entirely online business model as the freelancer works from home. 

Then there are those digital nomads who adopt a more entrepreneurial model. They create a digital business that allows you to also create passive income by selling products online. You do not need to have a store, as it is an e-commerce that will enable you to be anywhere. Usually, they are digital products as well, such as books, apps, blogs, etc. 

The last model is the digital nomad to serve other’s needs. What they do is work remotely. You don’t need to have a schedule; you just need to fulfill the job you have been sent to do. You are like a standard worker, but your office is your home because the company that hires you also saves money from not having to provide a physical space.

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