How Coding Enhances Video Games and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming ubiquitous with advanced technologies in video games and mobile gaming design. As gaming features continue to expand, VR coding is in high demand. Coding is required for tourism, real estate, health care, travel, education, and casino gaming. 

Hence, businesses can use VR coding collaboratively for product design, training, and product demonstrations. 

Because the demand for VR tools is just starting, demand is also increasing for programmers and designers specializing in these technological tools. Below we will explore VR design in programming languages and how coding can advance video games.

Making VR Games

Creating a virtual reality game is exciting, especially for new VR developers. As a rule, start small, keep it simple, and learn the basics. After mastering the initial steps, you can always add immersive experiences and your creativity. 

Creating a VR Game

VR games let players dive into a fully realistic 3D environment with a headset or VR goggles. Creating VR games requires extensive VR development and computer programming skills, while costs are $10,000-$300,000. 

Players will pay $5-$15 for a VR game and use a VR headset which might cost $500-$800 with their phone, a PC, or a gaming console with VR capabilities. Popular VR headsets include Oculus Rift and Quest, HTC Vive, and Sony PlayStation VR.    

To get started, create a scene for the action and include assets like light, props, and characters. Using math knowledge, outline gaming behavior and how characters act and react. VR games are set at 0, 0, 0 as the origin point for actions. Then, add other assets like meshes, bump mapping, and textures. 

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VR Game Examples

Examples of VR games to explore for ideas include Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Tetris Effect, and Batman: Arkham VR. Incidentally, Beat Saber is a Steam award-winning game packed with fast-paced action. 

If you are looking for sample VR apps (iPhone, Android), try Google Cardboard, GoPro VR, Discovery VR, and Zombie Shooter VR, while the top iPhone VR apps include Jaunt VR, NYT VR, and VRSE.

Become a VR Developer

If you enjoy computer gaming and want to code games for VR, consider a career as a VR developer. You may want to create a VR game with war battlefields, zombies, or aliens or create VR staging for real estate listings. Another idea is creating a virtual casino environment for online gambling operators on real money gambling sites

Becoming a virtual reality developer requires extensive computer knowledge, coding, and a computer science degree. Other helpful tools include 3D modeling experience, video editing, Unity, and coding languages like C++ and C#.

Study VR guides to help you understand VR basics, which can help you code your game, build and import your assets, and populate your new game world. 

Start with a mock model to learn the introductory features and avoid becoming overwhelmed with tough projects—partner with other VR developers to overcome any learning hurdles. You can also glean a lot of info, tips, and shortcuts from seasoned VR developers.

After learning the fundamentals and finding a team to work with, then work on a more complex immersive project. Strive for graphically impressive features for high-end computers and use powerful graphic cards for your targeted audience. However, avoid burnout.

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Step away from your project or ask others to help. While you do not want to give potentially lucrative gaming ideas away, you also want to stay fresh in taxing development processes.    

VR Employment Opportunities

VR developers are in-demand, and jobs will increase with more people online playing video games and gambling in online casinos. Hence, your advanced coding knowledge is necessary as a designer or developer.

VR developer salaries range from $60,000 to $134,000 based on experience and education. 

Virtual Reality Programming Languages 

Several preferred programming languages are popular in VR development. Among the top tools are C#, C/C++, Java, Javascript, Python, Visual Development tools, and Swift.

Design and Programming for VR 

Beginners may want to study introductory VR courses to help develop programs and VR apps. Look for topics like creating VR content.


Designed by Anders Hejlsberg in 2000, it started as a closed-source language for general purposes. Then, in 2004, an open-source version, Mono, started and was later added to Microsoft’s products. 

Coders should review C# in the Unity program to help build video game apps. Learn about arrays, loops, and recursions with computer programming, and explore coding C# guidelines. Helpful as you deploy your projects, study the basic rules and tips about C#.


Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, consider C++ an extension of C and a compiled language. Ideal for resource-contained software and larger systems, it is another helpful language for video game development. With functional and generic features, users can also manipulate memory if it is low-level. 

Students should explore C/C++ guidelines for programming languages, avoid bugs with C/C++, learn the C/C++ tools to simplify processes and differentiate C versus C++ to find the best project fit.

Java and JavaScript

A general language for programmers, JavaScript is the internet’s backbone with HTML and CSS. The code runs on any Java-supported platform and does not need recompiling. James Gosling designed object-oriented and high-level language with syntax like C and C++.

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With Oracle tutorials available, beginners should focus on JavaScript concepts, writing code, and Java Virtual Machine (JVM). To better understand Java and the JavaScript software platform, explore fundamentals (variables, code structure).  


Designed in 1989 by Guido van Rossum, Python’s focus is code readability so coders can create clear, scalable, and logical code. Highly popular, beginners should explore Python basics and test new software.


Established by Apple and released in 2014, Swift is a general-purpose and compiled language and an Objective-C successor for Apple. It works with their Objective-C code library and can run in conjunction with Objective-C and C++. 

To keep code clear and structured, students should start with an intro course and explore tutorials to understand the language further. 

Visual Development Tools

To help build apps and software, visual development tools include features like compilers, debuggers, GUI builders, and programming tools. 

Beginners might find these grouped in developer toolkits. As coding occurs in text-based settings, newbies will find that visual programming helps create code that is easy for humans to understand.


How do I use VR on Android?

In the app store, download the VR app. Gear VR is an example, and follow the app instructions.

What is the best VR development app?

Unity is ideal as it offers cross-platform VR gaming and development. 

What’s the best VR development engine?

Most developers rely on Unity for their game engines.

Use Coding to Enhance VR and Video Game Applications

VR developers are highly demanding for VR games, software, and applications. Talk to seasoned VR designers and developers to learn crucial tips that can help and study the major programming languages.

As you work on our VR gaming ideas, look at other examples and start small to master the basics. With development engines like Unity, you can push the creative boundaries and create immersive VR games and software that keep your skills in demand for years to come!

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