What is the Mobile Gaming Experience Like for Roulette?

Mobile gaming is taking the nation and world by storm as it is becoming more popular than console gaming. Even in the casino industry, more people desire to play their favorite casino games on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop. 

Mobile games in general equated to about 50% of the global market, which was surpassing how popular console games were in 2022. Overall, 57% of gamers in general prefer to be on mobile, which explains the above statistic. 

Let’s face it. More people prefer the convenience of doing standard mobile gaming and online casino gaming from the comfort of their smartphones or tablets. Some individuals are constantly on the go because of their job and want gaming entertainment. Others would rather be cozy in bed playing their favorite casino game than sitting down in front of a desktop or laptop doing it. 

The mobile gaming experience for roulette is much like the experience of playing a physical roulette game in person or online on a desktop or laptop. It’s just a smaller screen depending on if you are playing on a smartphone or a tablet. 

You still make bets on one or more numbers that you think the ball will land. Alternatively, choose whether you think it would be a red number, a black number, or the first, second, or third 12 numbers. You can even pick whether the roulette wheel will land on an even or odd number. Hence, the mobile gaming experience for roulette is not much different than on other digital or in-person platforms. However, mobile gaming for roulette does have some differences and perks. 

Mobile Casino Apps Have Their Exclusive Bonuses

Online casinos usually have specific exclusive bonuses for their mobile gaming players versus the bonuses they have for online players logging in from a desktop or laptop. For example, mobile casino gamers may be able to have their deposit 100% matched up to $500 versus desktop players being able to have their deposit up to $500 be 50% matched by the casino. This is just a hypothetical example to illustrate that sometimes it is more beneficial monetarily to play mobile roulette games versus logging in from a laptop or desktop. 

Playing Live Roulette vs. Playing Regular Roulette

Mobile casino gamers can still enjoy regular roulette where it is just them playing as they make bets on which number(s) the wheel will land. In this version, no live dealers are helping you to make the bets and there is no chat room. There is only the gaming board and the various chips available for you to make your bets. 

Live roulette involves a live dealer who assists you after you have indicated how you want to make your bets. The live dealer is essentially the gaming host of a French, American, or European-style roulette game. 

One of the most popular ways to play is on a roulette wheel of 37 pockets going from 0 to 36 on the wheel of alternating red and black randomly numbered spaces. Then, you make a bet on one number or a set combination of numbers based on color, placement on the wheel, or whether odd or even. 


Playing roulette online is the same experience as playing on a desktop, laptop, or in person. The bonuses are usually better when playing on a mobile device because online casinos encourage their players to log in from their smartphones for the convenience of on-the-go gaming. 

If you love roulette and are looking for a great mobile gaming experience, pick a favorite casino and start your gaming journey today! Hopefully, the odds can be in your favor when playing, but remember that not every bet is a guaranteed win. 

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