How to Pass the AWS DevOps Certification This Year

Are you aspiring to become an AWS Cloud Developer? For this, you have to pass the AWS DevOps Engineer Certification Exam. Read through this article to gain useful information on AWS DevOps Certification Preparation.

Over the past decade, the IT sector of our country has significantly changed. The computing services list is unending, including cloud security and more. Notably, the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certified DevOps Professional Certification is the most sought-after DevOps certification in the present times. First, let us begin with an introduction to the AWS certification training. 

A DevOps Engineer has to undergo professional-level training before taking the certification exam. An individual gets verified for his knowledge of AWS DevOps certification after completing the AWS training and certification. It authenticates both cloud computing expertise and DevOps skills of a professional.

  • Operating and administering the applications and execution systems & procedures on the AWS.
  • Knowledge, deployment, and maintenance of Automated working AWS services.
  • Authorizing automation of security control tools, compliance verification, and governance procedures using the AWS networking.
  • Defining and implementing the logging systems, monitoring systems, and metrics features on the AWS.
  • Implementing and troubleshooting high-availability and scalability of AWS systems.

Prerequisites for giving the AWS DevOps Certification Exam 

There are some prerequisites that help to prepare constructively for the AWS certification course –

  • An experience of a minimum of two years in employing, administering, and controlling AWS environments.
  • Sound knowledge of working on AWS core services, including testing and automation.
  • Experience in coding with high-level scripting or programming languages, such as Python, javascript, etc.
  • Know-how of Agile scrum and other development processes approach.
  • Insight into Linux or Windows operating systems
  • Understanding of the AWS CLI (command line interface)

AWS DevOps Certification Professional Exam 

An AWS DevOps Engineer having expertise in AWS and has cleared AWS Cloud Practitioner or any Associate-level certification exam can take the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certificate is the best cloud certification for freshers. It validates that an individual has a comprehensive understanding of the AWS Cloud.

Overview of the AWS DevOps Certification Exam

  • The AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification Exam involves 75 MCQs and multiple response questions.
  • The duration of the exam is 180 min (or 3 hours).
  • The minimum passing mark for all professional-level exams is 750.
  • The registration fee for the exam is $300.
  • The medium of the exam is English.

AWS DevOps Certification Exam Preparation Steps

  • Get well-versed with the exam blueprint – The blueprint of the exam can be accessed via the AWS official website.
  • AWS certification training course – It facilitates you to understand the designs on the AWS and DevOps methodology.
  • Review the official documentation – A holistic information on the AWS services is available in the AWS documentation. 
  • Read AWS Whitepapers – Aspirants can go through various technical Amazon Web Services whitepapers available for integration, delivery, and control.
  • Study from the suggested books – After the official learning resources, go through the approved books that cover all the topics of the exam.
  • Take practice exams and solve practice questions – After completing the study, you must check your preparation by solving free sample questions. It helps to get an idea of the exam paper.
  • Exam Registration for certification – After preparation, register yourself for the exam and create an AWS certification account on AWS’s official site.


Certified AWS DevOps engineers are one of the highest-paid professionals across the IT sector. The AWS certification course will expand your scope as an IT professional. Hence, elite job opportunities will knock around you. Our assignment help guide will help you clear the exam successfully and become a certified professional.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is the AWS DevOps Certification exam tough?

For those who do not have much practical know-how, the answer is simply yes! It is doable but demands a lot of knowledge and practice. An individual must be well-versed with the basics of AWS & DevOps, how it works, how to automate and implement procedures, and much more.

  • Which is the most sought-after AWS certification?

Presently, the Solutions Architect – Associate certification is the overall best AWS DevOps cloud certification. It provides a sound foundation as an AWS cloud developer and is the most preferred certification by AWS.

  • Which is the simplest AWS certification?

The simplest AWS DevOps Certification is the AWS CCP (Certified Cloud Practitioner). It involves the basic concepts of AWS cloud and is a beginner-friendly certification. It does not need any prior technical experience by the candidate.

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