How to build a gaming computer on a student budget

It is necessary to make a significant financial investment in order to get the best gaming computer setups. This can be difficult for those with low incomes. This is a common situation for college students. They often have very tight budgets, which can leave them in a difficult position.

We understand that college students often have tight budgets and may not be able to afford the best gaming computer setups. To help, we offer test takers for hire who can help you source the right components for your computer without sacrificing quality, while still staying within your budget.

We are here to help you at Xidax. Our clients can choose from a range of gaming laptops, desktops and workstation products. We also offer many customizable features and upgrades. Many college students have used our services to upgrade or build their gaming computers. We are happy to share our knowledge with you in many areas. These are our tips for sourcing the right components for your computer. We also show you how to do it affordably without sacrificing quality.


Your CPU is the first thing to think about. It will be crucial for gaming and standard college classes and study. Gaming computers must have a high-end processor if you plan to play video games.

Students who are not in college should not order more than one CPU. This will lead to an increase in cost. Keep in mind the specifications and requirements for all the games you play. Some are more demanding than others when choosing a CPU.

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A powerful multi-core processor is a must if you plan to use your gaming computer for studying and standard classes. It will also be helpful when multitasking, or running complex programs like Adobe Photoshop. It is important to make sure that the CPU matches your motherboard.

GPU (Graphics Card)

Your GPU (or graphics card) is next. This is an essential component for gamers. Your GPU is an essential component of any gaming computer. It will determine the compatibility of other components with your system.

Again, it comes down to what games you play the most. A high-end or mid-range GPU is required if you plan to play the most recent and future titles. A budget gaming computer build will be sufficient if you are using it for studying and standard classes.


The motherboard is a great place to save money when building a gaming machine on a tight budget. Although some gamers may require a high-end motherboard to play certain games, the majority of college gaming builds can be done with a mid-range product.

We offer many motherboards that are compatible with different GPU and CPU brands. This is yet another reason to choose us when you build your gaming computer. You can upgrade your motherboard in the future. Compatible motherboards are compatible with other parts, saving you money and allowing you to make future upgrades.

RAM (Memory)

Students will use a gaming computer in class, so it is important to determine how much RAM you require. You should buy slightly more memory than what your game requires. This will ensure that you can play larger and more complicated games.

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You can choose to save money by choosing a smaller amount for school and study purposes. 8GB is a great amount for gamers and offers savings. 4GB is best if you want to save money on schoolwork and studying.

Hard Drive (Storage)

Gaming will require a HD or SSD hard drive. Gaming is a large task that requires a lot of storage. It’s better to have an HDD for schoolwork than an SSD to save money. You’ll be able to store fewer files and won’t need as much speed to load them quickly.

SSDs can store your OS, games and large files that are required for gaming. SSDs are more expensive than HDDs but they offer a speed advantage that makes them worth it in many cases. There are still SSD options available for those with tight budgets.

PSU (Power Supply Unit)

There are many options available for power supplies. This can help you save money if your budget is tight. A minimum 600W PSU is recommended as it can be used to power most gaming builds.

There are also 400W and 500W power supplies available for gamers who have a tight budget. Before you buy, make sure your case and other components are compatible.


The chassis or computer case is the last major component. It should contain all the parts you have selected. Make sure your motherboard and case work well together as not all models are compatible. Gaming purposes will be satisfied by a mid-range tower. Just make sure that it is big enough to hold all your other parts.

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There are many options when it comes to buying a gaming case. However, if you have a limited budget, you can still save money. While many gamers opt for more expensive models to maximize their hardware’s capabilities, this is not always necessary. This will allow you to save money and be able to upgrade your graphics card and other components as needed. If you are looking to buy an essay blog Ibuyessay Blog but are on a budget, there are still options available.


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